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Future Friendly Mattress Nice Way to Help Out Landfills!

April 12, 2010
In the Bedroom

Future Friendly the new buzz word for Eco-Friendly Mattresses?

Just recently took notice of the new Future Friendly Challenge that was advertised on a TV commercial and it intrigued me. Proctor & Gamble said that we could get more out of every bottle of their product, which would mean putting less into our landfills. They asked each of us to try their Future Friendly brands to help clean up more than our homes which got me to thinking about the more obscure ways that each of us can make a positive impact on the environment.
Mattress recycling although available in some areas is still virtually not accessible to most people even if they wanted to recycle their old mattress. Donating it isn’t an option if the mattress is stained and unsanitary or is no longer usable from years of wear. So how can each of us be future-friendly and have a positive impact on the environment if we must throw away our old mattress? Simple, some mattress manufacturers like Land and Sky are now offering mattresses that are built to have less impact on the landfills by building them from sustainable and biodegradable materials that will break down when they ultimately must be disposed of.

Future Friendly Beds are important to our future and are now making a difference

These new mattresses are essentially giant king, queen, full, and twin size suitcases that zip open and closed. Inside various layers can be inserts to achieve optimal support. These mattresses can be built with replaceable layers that can be disposed of when worn as opposed to throwing away an entire mattress. Mattresses can use up as much a 25 cubic feet of landfill space. By simply replacing a layer or a cover instead of the whole mattress fewer raw materials are needed and wasted while precious landfill spaced is preserved.

Another thing that can be done is that the various comfort and support layers to build this type of mattress can be built from sustainable all-natural latex rubber, cotton, and wool making the mattresses nearly 100 percent eco-friendly and biodegradable. Mattresses made from such materials also tend to last up to three times as long as a conventional mattress and box spring.

So if you are thinking Future Friendly Mattresses from companies like Land and Sky can significantly reduce waste, challenge yourself to purchase your next mattress and make sure that meets the above criteria. Keeping mattresses out of landfills is easy when they are built with replaceable parts and can last up to 25 – 30 years making it the next best option to mattress recycling.

Waste prevention is important to me so I’m taking the Future Friendly Challenge. Will you join me?