Should I Buy A King Or A Queen Mattress

Should I Buy A King Or A Queen Mattress

December 2, 2021
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Does the King Sleep On King In His Castle? The king, the most powerful, successful, or authoritative person in a group or organization. The king is known to be the chief authority over a country and people and so it’s no wonder the king Mattress rules the bedroom when it comes to space, comfort, and size of beds. Nothing else compares. Why, You ask? Let’s discuss the age-old question – should I buy a king or a queen mattress.

Top 10 Most Common Reasons People Love And Choose King Size Beds.

  1. Size Matters– it’s 76 inches by 80 inches of space making it a whopping 16” bigger than a queen.
  2. Space Is Part Of Comfort- People move out of tiny apartments for a reason, more space.  Full size mattresses were the mainstream bed of the day and contained 28.12 square feet of space. Today’s modern king boasts a whopping 42.22 square feet of space. Queen contains only 33.33 square feet.  The eastern king in terms of sleeping is like moving into the Biltmore mansion.
  3. It’s An Adult Play Pin- Have kids? Perhaps it’s a stormy night and they are scared. Maybe the little ones just don’t want to be alone. What ever the reason they decided to come into mom and dad’s room you can accommodate their needs. 
  4. Bedhogging Now stay on your side of the bed. Most of us came out of the womb alone, we started life by ourselves, and we are used to our own space. A king size bed has his side and her side. Etc. Now, if we could just get them to stay there 😉
  5. BedDogging- Okay okay it isn’t just Rover who likes to sleep with us there is plenty of room for Miss Kitty too.
  6. Available in every firmness- No matter your firmness preference, mattress manufacturers are here to please with a wide variety of choices. 
  7. Available in every type- Folding / Adjustable, coil spring, hybrid, memory foam, latex, organic, waterbed, 2 sided, gel, softside waterbed, featherbed, futon, gel foam etc. Test rest them all and see what fits you best. They all are available in king size.
  8. Stylish Bedding Choices- Bedding serves several functions: Protection to help keep it clean, Comfort to enhance the mattress feel and aesthetics to make the bedroom look pretty. Whether you buy online or in a brick and mortar store you will always find an expansive selection of sheets to choose from to fit king size bed sets. 
  9. Perfect For Hot Sleepers- No one likes Overheating when they are trying to sleep. In fact, it is one of the biggest obstacles in achieving a successful night of sleep. Cooling sheets and mattress pads can all be helpful, but not having your partner sleeping right on top of you due to lack of space is reason #1 for someone who sleeps hot to own a king-sized bed. 
  10. Tosser Turner Friendly: There are many reasons we don’t sleep well. Some we can help, others we can. For example:

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Reasons We Have Trouble Falling Asleep

Trouble falling asleep. Should I buy a king or a queen?
  • Feeling Anxious
  • Feeling Stressed
  • Being Overstimulated
  • Poor Sleep Schedule
  • Oversleeping Before Bed
  • Imbalanced Diet
  • Underlying Medical Conditions
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Tossing and turning- We often do this when we cannot get comfortable. We have said it before, and we will say it again. Space is a contributing part of comfort.

BONUS Answer 11 Did we mention that when the kids, Rover and Miss Kitty aren’t there you still have an adult-sized playpen?

Perhaps the most interesting point concerning king size mattress owners is that once owners made the decision to move from queen size to king-size bed, they will tell you in no uncertain terms: “I will never go back to a queen size bed again”

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Top 10 Most Common Reasons People Love And Choose Queen Size Beds.

  1. Did We Mention Size Matters? Queen size is the most popular size of any mattress sold today. It measures 60 x 80 and really was and is the first mattress size that comfortably fits an average size adult couple. 
  2. Pet Friendly- While it is 16” narrower than a king size, average size couples usually find it comfy with the addition of 1 child, or a small dog or cat. 
  3. Small Cozy Room Conundrum- Queen size beds are the most popular not because of space, but because of the spaces they will fit in. Many bedrooms will simply not accommodate a larger mattress such as a king.
  4. It’s Moving Day!  Let’s be honest, no one likes moving, but if you must, queen is smaller, lighter and easier to transport from one living space to another. Additionally shipping costs can be less for the very same reasons. 
  5. Won’t Cost You An Arm And A Leg– less space, less raw materials, less time to build, costs less to ship. Queen size beds cost less because there is less to pay for…
  6. Works With Grandma’s Antique Full Size Bed- Inherited mom’s or grandma’s old antique bed? Those beds were usually full size with head only or head and foot boards. A conversion frame allows you to use this priceless heirloom with your modern queen-sized mattress and box spring. 
  7. Cramped Spaces- Moving across town. Moving upstairs or downstairs or around a corner? Don’t get hung up by an overhang. Queen sizes mattresses and even split queen box springs go fit through where kings can’t. 
  8. 1 Plus 1 Makes 2- Getting married or gained a sleep mate? Twin and full size might be fun for a fleeting moment or two, but now that there are two of you it is time for a big boy or big girl bed. 
  9. Snuggling is Fun- Perfect for couples who like to sleep close, spoon and snuggle we’ll leave the rest to imagination. 
  10. You Want It They Got It- The most popular size means anything and everything queen, pillow, sheets, mattress pads, comforters are going to be plentiful and reasonable to buy. Manufacturers are competing for your business and discount heavily on these items.

We hope this article helped you decide whether you should buy a king or a queen mattress.

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