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Share Blankets and Sheets With Partner?

February 21, 2011
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Are you having cover cohabitation issues? Does your sleeping partner wake you; steal your blankets, sheets, or covers throughout the night? Is there a way out of this sleep disturbed night that will save the relationship? Cohabiting sleepers whether its one of the adults or one of the kids we are always looking for a magic solution to a problem that has plagued many of us for years, cover snatching. Today’s article will put many of you one step closer towards a resolution.  The great thing especially for couples is that it is easier than you thought and it won’t require the most extreme of measures, the dreaded separate twin beds.

Problems that often come from sharing Blankets and Sheets:

  • Not conducive for a good night of sleep
  • The blanket thief
  • Waking up cold
  • Insufficient amount of covers for both sleepers
  • Unfavorable sleeping conditions
  • Cannot wrap up in blanket

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Looking no further than my own bedroom was the inspiration for this article. Interestingly at the beginning of our marriage the first thing Kathy and I had to do was acknowledge that there was a real problem with our sleeping situation. I am in love with my wife and she is in love with me but neither of us is in love with the idea of waking up more tired than when we went to sleep.

Both of us had never shared covers with another till our marriage.

One of the biggest problem that I found was waking up cold in the middle of the night only to notice that I had been robbed by a blanket thief and to make it worse I could positively identify this common cover crook out of a lineup. I positively ID her as my wife. OK the truth be told I am the very restless one I don’t think I have a sleep disorder, but I do find it hard to unwind and my mind is always preoccupied with thoughts of the day. The fact is this was usually the cause of the tossing and turning that led to the eventual blanket stealing.

I love my wife, I love sharing our space, and we wanted to keep it this way. We did not enjoy sharing “my” covers. Our answer to the problem was to use separate blankets and sheets. Both of us could go back to doing what we did best. Be a blanket hog. We are both able bundled up and coverd up. Whirl and roll the blankets and sheets into a cover frenzy back in warmth and comfort without disturbing the other.

Agreeing to sleep with separate blankets allows…

each of you to not only keep warm but also sleep undisturbed from the tug of war that is blanket and sheet sharing. It is not exactly the traditional way to make a bed before bedtime but there is nothing hard about it. We grab our blankets and throw them on the bed and we’re good to go. We simply store our king bed spread out of the way till morning when at that time if we so choose we can make our bed and hide our secret to better co sleeping.