Riding Out An Earthquake In Your Mattress

Riding Out An Earthquake In Your Mattress

June 7, 2011
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Sullivan Mo Earthquake wakes man in his waterbed in St. Louis!

Ok I know it’s a silly headline but St Louis MO has run the gamut and had its fair share of natural occurrences these past few months. A couple big tornadoes, crazy temperatures, big snow, flooding and as my wife has pointed out to me ” the cicadas”. Now just this morning a minor 4.2 Earthquake positioned around the Sullivan MO area just 50 or so miles south of Saint Louis. This happened according to my alarm clock set 10:00 minutes fast I will admit at 3:12 am 5/7/11. What most of you will find interesting or unbelievably boring is that I rode out this minor Missouri earthquake in my softside waterbed and is the second such happening while owning this bed. Now of course the mattress had nothing to do with the quake but the interesting thing is that I felt the shake through water.  This got me to thinking what kind of mattress is least likely to disturb you during an earth quake? I’m hoping to get some input from you all, but here is my best opinion on the subject.

Riding Out An Earthquake In Your Mattress Earthquake Preparedness In A Waterbed


What mattress is best during an earthquake?

Coil Spring Mattress?

Innerspring beds use coils and let’s face it these bad boys bounce.  Push a coil down it comes right back. I can remember as a kid jumping on mattresses like a trampoline and bouncing my sister around on the bed and laughing about it. Take my advice  no matter what the brand if you have you may find yourself rudely awakened as you are bounced to the floor.

Memory Foam Mattress?

I have got to think this is your hands down winner. They are built to be energy absorbing, isn’t that what they do to earthquake proof buildings? They advertise a glass of wine sitting on the mattress while a full grown adult walks around on the high tech surface with nothing more than small shimmies and shakes of the liquid in the glass and nothing spills. I wonder if it would even register on the Richter magnitude scale?

Riding Out An Earthquake In Your Mattress Always Clasp Your Hands Over Your Head



These things make me think of those inflatable bounce houses kids play in at carnivals and picnics. Bouncing, shaking, tremors and lots of movement need I say more?


The water bed and tsunami myth, while I own a fully wave controlled waterbed I must admit it wasn’t exactly a tsunami I rode out. However there were definite vibrations and shaking going on underneath of me. I have to think a wavier free flowing mattress with nothing to hamper the waters movement may be nothing short of seismic.

Lawyer Disclaimer: This was written for cheap entertainment value and is in now way intended to suggest a mattress is a safe place of refuge during a real disaster or emergency.