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Latex or Memory Foam?

November 9, 2009
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Which material is better?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about whether to buy latex or to buy memory foam. There isn’t a simple answer to which is better because both are high quality materials to build a bed out of, but in today’s blog we have some great information that can help you decide between the two.
The Dunlop Process of making an all-latex bed was introduced first and was started by the Englander Corporation here in the USA .  It really is a tried and true method of building a mattress and can easily last 15 to 30 years. With over 70 years in the market place a strong track record has been established and it is a rare instance  to hear stories about latex mattresses breaking down or getting body impressions.

So how long does Memory Foam mattresses last?

Good memory foam mattresses  made with high quality visco elastic foam and solid core or base foam can last up to 15 years sometimes can be less costly than latex. It was developed in the 1970’s. Experiments took place in Sweden during the 1980’s to develop and perfect it as a mattress. In January of 1992 it was marketed in in the United States by Tempur Pedic. This type of foam acquired its name because it did what it said; it had a memory and bounced back into shape. Although all foam gets old and wear out eventually we are impressed with the good brands, its like this stuff is on steroids compared to other foams.

Is there a problem that can be expected of Memory Foam?

The problems that are often associated with cheap memory foam mattresses does not define them all. The ones that fail are often low density cheap knock offs of Tempurpedic who claim to be the same and more but use low quality base foams to support the lower grade memory foam collapsing and causing a body impression. The top layer of memory foam is usually 3 lb to 5.5 lb density. It is rare to see these fail but they can soften with age. The base foams usually range from 1.2lb to a little over 2 lb.

Is Latex any better?

Just asking that simple question yes. Latex rubber is not foam at all and it to is defined by its name latex “rubber”. From a health standpoint natural latex is better because it will not support mold or mildew growth. When used with organic cotton and wool latex rubber mattresses can be a very healthy mattress alternative. Memory foam is a petroleum based product which often gases off .

Fire retardant chemicals are usually required to meet Federal Law 16 CFR Part 1633 a nearly 3 year old law that mandated making mattresses safer. Many memory foams require special fire retarding chemicals to be added to their foams or they are treated in the cover itself. All Natural Organic Latex mattresses can be naturally fire retardant when they utilize things like organic wool allowing them to not use chemicals. Natural latex rubber is often washed eliminating the proteins people are usually allergic too. Check with your salesman about this step.

Comfort is a matter of personal taste. Dunlop Latex tends to be a little firmer than memory foam with slightly more counter pleasure like a coil spring. Most memory foam is heat responsive and softens from body heat allowing it to mold or form itself to your body reducing pressure points significantly. However some not all Memory Foam will trap heat do your research. Not buying breathable memory foam? Latex will then do a better job of dissipating this heat.
Memory Foam can be harder to turn over  in resisting movements to another position in this respect latex is better. If you have circulation or hip and shoulder issues our choice is Memory Foam.