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Organic Mattress in St Louis

December 5, 2011
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Welcome to STL Beds the only store dedicated to offering those interested an opportunity to not only buy an Organic Mattress in St Louis, but also lay on an Organic Mattress in the St Louis area before you purchase one to see if you like it. We have two great brands to choose from Savvy Rest and Land and Sky. Both brand names have a wide variety of mattresses to choose from.

Where can I try an Organic Mattress in St. Louis before I buy one?

Our STL Beds Showroom. Simply click one of our Links to Contact us, Map Directions, or Call Us

What are my choices in organic mattresses?

Both Savvy Rest and Land and Sky have customizable beds to choose from allowing each sleeper the exact firmness of their choosing for precise support, comfort, that is long lasting  and healthy. Some of the products offered can be viewed by selecting one of the following links.

Organic Mattress Page





Vitality (organic topper)

How much will an organic mattress cost me?

While we do not know exactly how much your bed will cost until we help you narrow down your choices and customize your new bed you can view the prices of all organic mattresses we sell by visiting the organic mattress page where we not only show each of or beds but also include all prices which are guaranteed to be the lowest apples to apples.

Is delivery and set up available?

STL Beds knows that a customizable bed sounds like a scary purchase and while it is extremely easy to assemble we offer the service of  delivery and set up in and around the Saint Louis area or anywhere else in the continental USA.

About organic mattresses

Our Savvy Rest Mattress is a great choice for people that want to purchase a mattress that can have a positive impact on their health, the environment, and the indoor environment where they sleep. Savvy Rest Mattresses are built  using both raw materials that are sustainable but also raw materials  that will degrade when disposed of in our precious landfills. Potentially harmful chemical Off Gassing from added fire retardants is a concern and it is found in nearly every modern mattress built today. So what is the remedy? It’s simple non toxic certified organic wool. It’s sustainable and it naturally retards flames in a manner that not only complies with all federal fire safety laws but exceeds them. Their really durable non toxic fabric cover is made from certified organic cotton and it too is very sustainable . Finally natural botanical latex rubber has it all sustainability, is non toxic, and may possibly be the most durable mattress core offered in  mattresses today.

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