Memory Foam Bed.

Top Ten Benefits of Memory Foam

January 21, 2008
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When you first lay on this mattress, you will know you are lying on something unique. Memory foam has a unique feel that initially feels like laying in thick mud or quick sand. Unexpectedly you feel the mattress contour and support your body like it has never been supported before.

Last a Long Time

Visco elastic foam was engineered by NASA and was perfected by Swedish science. Man-made synthetic memory foam is designed to last. The name says it all; it has a memory and bounces back to its original shape for years on end.

Very Flexible

Ever had a mattress get stuck in a doorway or staircase? What if I told you most memory foam mattresses could be scrunched into a small mini van without damaging the mattress? Well it’s true most memory foam mattresses bend in ways that ordinary mattresses would be ruined and void of its warranty.

Contours & Supports Your Body’s Shape

In the same way it will flex around a tight corner, a visco elastic memory foam bed will shape to every body no matter how tall short, fat, skinny, it senses and responds to each bend and curve of the human body with temperature reactive sensing foam, providing perfect support.

No Deep Sags or Body Impressions

It’s not your typical coil spring mattress with foam. One, there are no springs. Two, the polyurethane foam used for memory foam is basically on steroids backed up with higher IFD Initial Force Deflection rates and higher densities than found in the average Sealy, Serta, or Simmons mattress.

Adapt to Any Headboard/Footboard Combination

High quality memory foam is available in the standard King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes. So put it in place of the old mattress and forget about it. Oh yeah custom sizes available too.

Can Be Thin

You say mattresses today are just way too thick? A good quality memory foam mattress can be found in the old 8-inch thickness and you give up no quality.

Bounces Back

Memory Foam bounces back because of its state of the art molecular cell structure. Unlike other foams that almost immediately take a set and show quick wear from body weight, memory foam takes a licking and keeps on holding up.

Fewer Pressure Points

Designed to reduce pressure points on the body for astronauts during a space launch and maintain proper blood flow to the entire body. These same benefits can be experience by us at home. Visco Memory Foam minimizes restlessness from normally painful pressure exerted on the skin surface; this contributes to an all around better night of undisturbed sleep.

Put a New Meaning to ‘Do not disturb’

Tired (sorry about the pun) of being woken up by a restless sleeping partner? Energy absorbing memory foam transfers less movement throughout the bed for a more restful undisturbed night of sleep for both individuals


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