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fs_prod1 (1)Why Buy A Luxury Posh And Lavish Natural Latex Rubber Pillow?


  1. Are your neck, head, and shoulders comfortable when you sleep?
  2. Are your neck, head, and shoulders being supported correctly?
  3. Do you give the same important consideration to a pillow that you would a mattress set?

Our Natural Latex Pillow from Posh and Lavish is the Luxurious equivalent of our finest mattress. It includes state-of-the-art supportive design, incredible durability, and opulent comfort. These are the 3 key ingredients to making the much-needed perfect bed to comfort your head.


Price Includes:


Natural Latex Rubber Pillow Posh And Lavish


How Important Is A Natural Latex Rubber Pillow From Posh And Lavish?


“It’s just a pillow…” We like to think of this humble, often unassuming pillow, as something much more. We consider it to be the bed for your head! A third of our life is spent on our mattresses. We believe this undervalued, unappreciated support and comfort piece is often treated as a simple bargain sleep accessory.


A purchase based solely on a bargain price, in a setting where it cannot be properly tested, bought like a commodity, at stores that have departments and put zero focus on your body’s comfort, health, and overall long-term support. Every day we see people purchase expensive mattress sets which are outstanding, but they only support 2/3 of your body. What about the other third?


A support system for your head is in fact an important purchase according to medical professionals. Over time, slowly but surely this can have a long-term effect on a sleeper. Slowly by surely, this wears on our bodies and can lead to simple problems like muscle stiffness or more severe issues like tendonitis, nerve pain, herniated discs, etc.


Great Support Starts With Four Natural Ingredients


1. All Latex Rubber Fill
2. Wool Quilted Encasement
3. Cotton Quilted Encasement
4. Tencel-Faced Fabric




Your new pillow is constructed with the finest latex rubber. It lasts longer than standard foam. Regular foam bottoms out. Latex with naturally infused materials does not. Instead, it provides uplifting support that’s not found in pillows built with standard foams. Made with not only the finest rubber our latex rubber is Oeko-Tex certified.



Enclosing your new pillow top topper is more than a fancy fabric cover. All sides of this bed for the head dream system include a substantial amount of all-natural, long fiber New Zealand Wool in between 2 layers of all-natural OekoTex Certified Cotton, that has been knitted. You will rest easier knowing that your new cushioning layer is boric acid and antimony free.



Nature’s wonder is cotton and wool. Both can warm your body when you feel cool and just as important can help cool down your body temperature when you’re feeling warm throughout the night. Another benefit of, both natural materials is their ability to wick moisture from your body throughout the night while you sleep in one of the most temperature neutral sleep environments offered.



Features Tencel™-faced fabric is Offered by only one manufacturer. Tencel is a wood pulp derived from FSC-certified trees. Using nanotechnology, Tencel™-faced fabric has helped to improve, revolutionize, mattress fabric technology: It is moisture absorbent, incredibly supple, and perhaps most importantly it is exceptionally durable.


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

high profile, low profile




Product Features

Natural Latex Rubber Pillow Features:


  • Medium/High: Our most popular thickness
  • Luxury Plush feel at 19 (ILD) Initial Load Deflection
  • Outer Zippered Cover: Made from OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified Lyocell Tencel® fabric. Posh and Lavish utilizes the newest state-of-the-art manufacturing process that converts sustainable Forest Stewardship Council Certified Trees into a useable fiber. (FSC and international non-profit). This fiber is used to make our custom-tailored stretch knit 3-dimensional fabric cover. Made with a high-weight 602 Gram Lyocell Tencel® Faced fabric. It is biodegradable and compostable.
  • Formed Pillow Core: for Muscle and Pressure/ Tension Relief—plush, bounce-free, Talalay latex to cushion those aching muscles. Made from OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified Talalay Latex.
  • Self-ventilating: moisture regulating, temperature neutral, humidity neutral.
  • Excellent uplifting buoyant full-body support: It is like a state of suspension for your entire body.
  • Zippered Cover: Easy Care: Unzip, remove outer pillow casing, hand wash per instructions.
  • Excellent Support: Perfect for that person who likes the shape of a traditional old-fashioned pillow. but demands the very best quality and support.
  • Outstanding Elasticity: that can only be found using natural rubber. (Ordinary gel. Memory and polyurethane foam can’t do this)
  • Our Ingredients: are sourced from Germany, Belgium, United States. They do NOT come from China, Malaysia, and Vietnam!
  • Made From: long-lasting natural Talalay Latex Rubber not synthetic polyurethane foam. Natural rubber comes from a tree and is sustainable. Foam, fiber, etc. are manmade synthetics.
  • Antibacterial & Antimicrobial Naturally: Antibacterial agents are known to kill a wide range of mild bacteria. Antimicrobial technologies are more effective against a broader spectrum of protection and act as antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiviral agents all in one.
  • Virtually eliminates painful pressure points: Compare its consistent pressure relief to memory foam, polyurethane foam, feathers, down, etc. You will be impressed.
  • Responsive movement: Doesn’t give that quicksand trap feel when you turn over like memory foam and other smothering pillows.
  • Warranty: Compare ours to theirs…

Size And Measurements


Queen:  Width 17″ x Length 26″ Thickness 6-7″
King/ Eastern King:  Width 17″ x Length 33″ Thickness 6- 7″


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