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Mattress for Soft Side Waterbed

Need a replacement mattress for your softside waterbed? Well you want to read today’s discussion before you do. It will help you find the correct mattress for your softside waterbed. Many people believe you can put any waterbed bladder into the bed, but as we will see there are several reasons why you should not.

There are many brand name softside waterbeds that have been on the market for years. Brands like

  • Land and Sky Softside
  • Strobel Softside
  • Halcyon Softside
  • Restonic Softside
  • Boyd Softside
  • American National Softside
  • Sterling Softside

…and the list goes on. All of these soft side water beds have one thing in common. The inside measurements are not the same from one brand to another. For example a Boyd softside has a sloped inner wall on the surrounding inner foam rail, where as a Land and Sky has a vertical inner foam rail wall that is straight up and down. Both designs are good, however the inside measurements are completely different from one another. So never take waterbed bladder designed for one brand and use it to replace another unless you have measured to make sure that they are designed identical or you may create more problems than you started with.
The problems that can result from putting a vertical walled bladder into a sloped wall softside or visa versa are

  • Won’t fit properly
  • Seam failure
  • Stretching
  • Waterbed Heater Burnout
  • Bottoming out
  • Massive Wrinkles in the material

Taking a few minutes of time to correctly measure the inside of your softside waterbed can prevent all of these issues from occurring. So how do you measure a softside waterbed to assure that you are buying the correct mattress? It is very easy.

  1. Determine if the inside cavity where the water mattress lies is a sloped wall or a vertical wall.
  2. Next you will need to measure the inside width, from one side to the other.
  3. If your softside has a sloped wall you will need the width at both the top and the bottom of the foam side rails.
  4. Next you will need the inside length.
  5. Just like the width on the sloped side rails, if the end foam rails are sloped you will need the overall length from one end to the other both at the top of the end foam rails and at the bottom.
  6. Lastly you will need the overall depth of the softside cavity. Laying a straight edge from one side to the other and then measuring from the bottom of the softside waterbed cavity to the bottom of the straight edge will give you the final measurement you are look for.

You are ready to call your local waterbed store or contact a waterbed store that can get you the replacement waterbed mattress you need. Both free flow and baffled mattresses are available. Make sure you replace your safety liner and check to see if the waterbed heater needs to be replaced while the bed is drained and easy to work with.