Can You Fold A King Mattress To Fit Up Stairs?

Can You Fold a King Mattress To Fit Up Stairs?

July 12, 2012
In the Bedroom

How do I fit a king size mattress through narrow spaces?

You have a big big mattress that has to fit through a tiny tiny space… so… King Mattresses Can You Fold Them To Fit Up Stairs?

How do I fit a king size mattress through narrow spaces anyway? If we’re talking about an existing king size mattress with coil springs these mattresses should not be folded or doubled over. While it may make the mattress easier to move, the chances of permanently doing damage to the support system (coil springs) is nearly certain if bent more than about 15 degrees as a rule of thumb. I have read many articles telling mattress owners to fold their bed in half with little or no regard for the consequences. Many mattresses have border rods made from hardened steel. These anchor the springs keeping them in position and make the seat edge of a mattress firmer. While they are tough they do not fold in half without ruining the outer structure of the mattress. Bending them back into shape only weakens the steel rods – or worse yet they can break.

King Mattresses Can You Fold Them To Fit Up Stairs? Photo “Fold That Mattress” by drewgeraets

Next, coil springs that are connected with a helical wire which will either stretch the wire or completely break it. This connects coils keeping them in position so they do not have to “bend” and they allow coils to hinge kind of like a door, an important part of the contour or supporting process of the body.

What happens to the coil springs when you fold a mattress?

Coils while flexible are built and designed for straight up and down movement and as we just learned and can hinge by way of the helical wires.  Other mattresses’ coils are independent and encased. Damage can be especially noticeable on springs that have not been tempered which is typical of this mattress design.  Without tempering coil springs may not return to original shape or encasement’s could be torn or disconnected leaving gaps and unsupported areas in the mattress.

Of course we always recommend verifying with the retailer or manufacturer the mattress came from but for the most part any all foam or all rubber mattresses.  Examples that are extremely flexible and mobile are:

Memory Foam Mattresses
Latex Rubber Mattress
Hybrids: Latex and Memory Foam layers mixed (This excludes coil spring models)

King mattresses that can taken apart and assembled in the bedroom

Various types of beds fit this bill. These are king size beds that come not assembled. Pieces come in smaller more manageable boxes or bags making them light weight, versatile, and extremely easy to move in tight spaces. Mattresses that fit this bill:

Air Beds:  Sleep Number Beds /Select Comfort, Comfort Air etc.
Modular Bed Kits:  Bed in a Box, Sterling, Savvyrest, Land and Sky etc.
Waterbeds:  Softside Waterbeds and Hardside Waterbeds
Futon Mattresses
Coil Spring Mattresses (Caution Read Details Below)

Regular King Mattresses with coils can fit. How?

By king packing, King packing is putting 2 twin extra-long mattress sets on a king steel bed frame. Twin extra longs on twin bed frames can also be put together and connected with a swing hinge kit. 2 traditional twin sets will also work, however they will be 5 inches shorter than a king making it a little uncomfortable for taller people who may hang off the end of the bed.

Futon Mattresses that are Spring-less

If you can find a king futon mattress you probably can bend it. Spring-less futon models  are made with layers cotton and foam and are designed to fold up into a sofa or use in the flat position as a mattress. While personally it is not my first choice to sleep on these are really versatile beds.

Assembled Mattresses like Memory Foam an Latex

Your indulging in comfort when you sleep on memory foam or latex rubber mattresses and not only that but you can bend them. Hybrid versions that mix the two materials are quite flexible as well as long as it doesn’t contain coil springs.  Folding these mattresses in half for a quick trip up the stairs may not seem like fun, but it sure beats an old school coil spring model that won’t bend, flex, or fit where you need it to.

Air Mattresses, Waterbeds, and Modular Bed Kits make for the most mobile mattresses available.

You can only truly appreciate the versatility of a mattress that can be taken apart and reassembled without having to lug a big heavy awkward mattress around, and all the mattresses we just mentioned above make this possible. While they may not be mainstream choices people who own them not only appreciate their state of the art comfort and support, but also know the ease of carrying a mattress inside or upstairs a piece at time. This makes Air Mattresses, Hardside and Soft Side Waterbeds, and Modular Bed Kits the most mobile and easiest of beds to carry and move around once they are taken apart. Whether you are in an apartment or have a room that is up a few flights of stairs or you simply have a low overhang or very tight turn these are a great alternative for people who move a lot, don’t know where their going to be living or just want an easy to move king size mattress.