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Easy To Move Bed Frame

September 12, 2011
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If You Are Looking For An Easy To Move Bed Frame Here Are Some

great solutions that will fit the bill. Perhaps you’re getting ready to move from one home to another. Maybe you simply need a bed frame that rolls easily out of the way for easy cleaning underneath the bed. Perhaps you would like the bed on the other side of the bedroom? Is your bed frame an old one that squeaks and creaks and you’ve just had it with being woke up? Glideaway makes the frame that fits the bill. Their frames are easy to move no matter what kind of moving you need to do.

Bed Frame That Rolls

Having a bed frame that rolls makes life easier when it comes to cleaning those hard-to-reach areas like under the bed. While many frames that have feet can make a bed harder to move, especially with a heavy duty mattress and boxspring on them. Heavy-duty steel bed frames like the Twin and Full Size 24RR, the queen 34RR, or the King 44RR are perfect for need mobility. Constructed with heavy duty 1 1/2 inch steel angle iron these support systems are the key to mattress and boxspring and bed mobility. Strong wide carpet rollers make easy movement of the bed possible.

When moving bed frames like the king and queen that have center support it is important to make sure the legs are not getting caught when moving the bed to a new position in the room or cleaning underneath. Beds that are on solid floors like tile, hardwood, or laminates take caution making sure not to scratch flooring.

Bed Frame That Is Portable And Folds

A folding bed frame is key to being highly portable and when you move from one house to another or up a flight of stairs or down some stairs it makes it both easy to carry and easy to maneuver and pack. Glideaway’s Twin and Full Size 24RR, queen 34RR, and King 44RR do just that.  If they are new and in the box, they are all packaged well and will protect walls. If you currently own one of these frames care needs to be taken as with any piece of furniture being moved so that you don’t scratch the walls. Again these fold or break down nicely for easy mobility.

Bed Frame That Is Easy To Assemble

While being able to move the frame is important and being able to fold it down for easy moving or storage might be necessary, the one thing we all have to contend with is assembling and this is what really makes this frame easy to move around. Relocation professionals Fantastic that such units are key for tenants and rentals. The heavy-duty steel frame is assembled in minutes using pre-settings for each of the sizes. Simply line up the proper holes and heavy-duty pins, click, and lock into place with plastic set pins. It’s that easy. If you are purchasing new the carpet rollers must be installed in the plastic sleeves and center supports locked in place on queen and king-size beds.

These bed frames are assembled in St. Louis Missouri and Peoria Illinois and each is proudly assembled in the USA and not imported. A little well-thought-out engineering makes these frames easy to move, easy to assemble, and very very strong.

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