How Does A Daybed Work

What Is A Daybed? | A Comprehensive Guide

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Truly one of the most unique pieces of furniture ever put in a house, it has a couch-like resemblance and can be used like one yet it has mattresses and can be used as a bed. People argue over its spelling “day bed” or “daybed” and agree that it may be the most versatile piece of furniture ever created. It utilizes either one or two mattresses one of which is stored underneath and allows the bed to convert into a shortened king-size bed. Its design is perfect for smaller rooms and is regularly used in kids’ bedrooms or offices where space is limited. So we’re going to learn more about Day Beds.

Day Bed Details

Wood Daybed

The back of the “couch-like” twin-size bed is called a back chair rail and serves as the headboard for the bed. The headboard or chair rail runs the bed’s length which is very different from traditional twin-size beds and is connected by two ends called daybed arms that are all tied together by a supporting linked spring upon which a mattress lies. This bed should not be confused with a futon which does not have a headboard and is built differently. The futon back is also “couch-like” and is cushioned by the mattress and folds to the shape of a couch and must be converted by unfolding it and laid flat to utilize the entire mattress portion. The couch like the back of the daybed is a hard frame usually made of wood or metal and the daybed mattress does not fold when not in use.

What Are Daybeds Made Out Of?

Made from a variety of building materials the majority are built from iron, metal, and many different kinds of wood including everything from oak to pine. Daybeds also come in a variety of styles ranging from traditional to modern and contemporary to rustic. These space-saving pieces of furniture come in a vast array of colors as well including painted finishes and wrought iron which are the most popular these days.

How Does A Daybed Work?

Daybeds are an interesting bed because they can be converted with the correct accessories into a complete full-sized bed. By full-size bed, we are saying you can take the 2 twin mattresses and position them side by side for a makeshift king. The second twin mattress is stowed under the daybed bed frame on a trundle which can either roll out or both roll out and pop up even with the sofa portion looking part of the bed. This makes for a perfect guest bed for couples or can be separated for those times when separate twin beds may be needed. The best part is daybeds use regular-size sheets since the mattresses are standard twin 38 x 75 sized.

A daybed has a left and right side arm that works much like a headboard and footboard but rather than being connected by a frame. They are connected by a linked spring which is often a series of grid-like wires forming a grid to support the mattress. Around the perimeter are springs that attach to a steel rectangular frame with mounting brackets. These brackets bolt up to the left and right daybed arms. Across the daybed back is the headboard if you will which bolts to the back of the left and right arms and secures the daybed design.

Day Bed Trundle Design

The trundle portion is like another linked spring and has large rollers allowing them to pull out and put away simply. Mattresses set upon this rolling linked spring are typically thinner to fit properly under the upper daybed frame and linked spring. Today these beds while popular for guest rooms are most utilized in kid’s rooms teens, tweens, and the little ones too. They are great when friends come to stay making the floor a thing of the past and its healthier sleep.

Popup trundles are spring-loaded to rise making lifting a breeze. Once the trundle is pulled out, a safety lever or latch is released allowing the linked to rise to the same height as the daybed which sits at a reasonable height that most adults would have no problem getting in and out of. The trundle is then locked into place so that is doesn’t accidentally lower when being slept on. When use is complete the popup trundle can be lowered and stowed back under the day bed, just reverse the process and slide back under the bed and it will be out of sight.

Daybed Styles

Daybeds are available in a variety of styles to fit any bedroom design. Wood in any stain you can imagine. Some are traditional while others are more modernly designed. Iron, metal, and painted finishes are all the rage because again the styles can be modern or traditional, but most importantly they come in a variety of colors and painted finishes black and white being the most popular. Metal daybeds tend to be the most flexible to match up to existing furniture and bedroom decors that are already in place.

Is A Daybed Right For Me?

If you are limited on space the answer is yes. If you are looking for a unique bed the answer is yes. If you need to kill two birds with one stone the answer is yes. If you are looking for a cheap bed we recommend taking a pass good daybeds cannot be purchased for $99.00 with everything we talked about they typically range from 399.00 and up.

How Does A Daybed Work

Day Bed Pop Up Trundle

Parts Of A Daybed

Chair Rail

Linked Spring

Daybed Arms

Twin Mattress or Mattresses


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