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Dual Temperature Mattress Warming And Cooling Solutions

February 21, 2023

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I have been receiving a lot of interest in dual temperature mattress warming and cooling solutions.

I Received This Question From A Customer The Other Day.

“I recently had a regular mattress made to fit my old California King-size waterbed. You guys made one of your California King Mattress Inserts to fit my old frame since I didn’t want a waterbed mattress anymore, but unfortunately, it is cold. What are your recommendations on warming it up, especially before bed?”

I replied to my client telling them that was a great question, that we get questions like this one occasion, and that I believe he just inspired my next blog topic. In fact, this is quite an interesting question that affects not only waterbed insert mattresses but virtually all kinds of traditional mattress sets. Sleeping cold is not the only issue, in fact, it is a twofold problem since there are just as many people who have issues with sleeping hot, which brings up another thought-provoking question…

Do They Make Smart Temperature Mattresses?

Yes, there are smart beds, but the truth is selection is scarce and when you do find one it is likely to be expensive. Secondly, when you research “mattresses with temperature control” and “dual temperature mattresses” shoppers will find that there is a great deal of misleading and very deceptive information. One company, I found in my research claims to be the smartest bed of them all saying you can “sleep at the perfect temperature.” The claim is “temperature balancing” keeps “both sleepers sleeping just right.” I researched and dug only to find that the bed made no mention of a thermostat that would allow each sleeper to individually regulate their temperature. Weird, isn’t it?

Shopping for a dual temperature mattress.

No, it’s not! I’m a 37-year veteran of this industry and bought into the hype during my research.

My Suggestion To You Is To Watch Out For Buzzwords Like:

  • Phase changing materials
  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Includes cooling foam layers
  • Cooling cover that claims to feel like a cool breeze
  • Sleep at the perfect temperature

Better yet, ask yourself this question, does your oven, refrigerator, or thermostat in your home use “phase changing material” or do those household items allow you to utilize visual temperature readings that can be read by a mechanical or digital dial that you have control of?

Cooling technology in mattresses should be real and it should really move the needle when it comes to sleepers. Hot and cold sleeper who finds themselves sleeping in the same bed should be able to obtain control over their own personal sleep environments immediately. 

Temperature Controlled Waterbed Mattress Insert?

For the most part, conventional mattresses including replacement mattresses made to fit in old waterbed frames do not include a thermostat that allows to you regulate the temperature of your mattress. Will it ever be offered on all regular mattresses? Right now, only a handful of mattresses even offer such a control for mattress temperature. 

Will All Mattresses Include Temperature Control Someday?

This is highly unlikely, having spoken with numerous mattress manufacturers about adding heating and cooling technology to regular mattresses is received with lukewarm responses. This is ashamed considering climate-controlled waterbeds were unbelievably popular for nearly 3 decades and are still selling to this day primarily for the reason of adjustable temperatures. Temperature control has sustained the waterbed industry because people still love climbing into a cool or warm bed.  Unfortunately, not one of my manufacturers currently offers a conventional mattress or a waterbed insert mattress that is available with heating and cooling technology.

Couple testing a mattresses comfort and temp.

What Is That Chill In Your Mattress That You Feel? 

Cold rooms and cold mattresses make us cold, why? Your mattress is sitting in a cold environment that is simply cooler that your surface skin temperature and your mattress. A room that is warmer will have a warmer mattress and a room that is cooler will again feel cooler. Not much can be done about that other than changing room temperature which also can negatively affect our sleep. 

That chill you feel is due to your ambient room temperature which is typically (59°-77°F). Our typical surface body temperature is between (92.3 and 98.4 °F). Our protruding body parts nose, hands, feet, etc. is slightly lower, however, they are still warmer than ambient room temps of (59°-77°F). The end result is that the cooler mattress draws the heat from our warmer bodies making us feel colder.

Missing The Warmth Of My Waterbed, What Can You Do?

In the case of my customer who purchased the waterbed insert mattress he was aware that it did not have a thermostat to control mattress temperature. After leaving a bed that had temperature control, he was hoping to get that feature back somehow because missed his warm bed. 

So What Can I Do About My Cold Mattress?  What Are My Options?

People who have owned conventional mattress sets have had to deal with uncontrollable mattress temperature issues since mattresses came to be. The solution? A temperature-controlled sleep system.

We control the climate in our cars, homes, and even our appliances why not have immediate control over your sleep environment?

Hardside waterbeds and soft-sided waterbeds were the first real temperature-controlled beds we could purchase, and as old as those types of beds are they offer dual temperature control.

Current Mattresses And Mattress Systems With Temperature Control Options

Then there are actual mattresses like Eight Sleep and their selection of Pod Mattresses. Mattresses like these include something they call Temperature Autopilot which is similar to both types of waterbeds and allows each person can have their side adjusted to the perfect temperature. The 8 Pod includes true regulation of the mattress temperature. The Pod adjusts your sleeping temperature to your individual patterns, supporting the flow of each sleep cycle to maximize your body’s recovery and rejuvenation.

Sleepme, also known by some as Chilisleep, is a water-based cooling and warming mattress pad. This system unlike electric blankets has no electrical wires or connections. A person can precisely control their own bed temperature ranging from 55-115°F. The system can monitor real-time sleep activity and create the ideal sleep environment. Take control of your bed with devices via an app.

BedJet is another choice, but this system is not a new mattress, it can be added to an existing mattress and claims to be the most powerful cooling, warming, and sweat-drying system available anywhere for existing beds. Like some other more advanced sleep systems it to can be operated from a remote, tablet, or phone.

Testing A New Mattress without Dual Temperature Control.

There Are Other Budget Friendly Options

Other budget-friendly options to choose from include heated electric blankets and heated mattress pads. Heated mattress pads and electric blankets might also be good temperature-regulating options. These mattress accessories, sold for regular mattresses are not perfect and just like waterbeds come with their own drawbacks. Recommendations would be to research and try each. In the case of my customer, if a system like this brings back some of what he lost when he made the change from the water back to a regular mattress, then he can chalk that up as a win.  

It is essential that we have a need for more than just temperature-balancing materials and breathable materials in our mattresses. We all have the need for beds that have a thermostat that directly allows us to set the mattress temperature to our desired level. The industry needs more smart mattresses.  A mattress that can help people regulate their sleep environment temperature to range from 60°F to as high as 100°F would be of real benefit to all sleepers, it’s not just a bell or a whistle, it is in fact a healthier and better way to sleep.

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