Top 10 Problems With Dual Waterbed Mattresses

Top 10 Problems with Dual Waterbed Mattresses

March 20, 2012
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Thinking about what it would be like to have dual chamber waterbed mattresses in your hardside or soft side waterbed? Here are the most important problems you need to know about, including two bonus issues and complaints: Actually we’re not sharing the Top 10 Problems with Dual Waterbed Mattresses, instead we are sharing the:

Top 13 Problems with Dual Waterbed Mattresses

  1. Split mattresses have a separation you can feel in the middle: This is especially true if both water mattresses  are over filled a common problem people create when they add more water to make the beds firmer. This may not be the best water mattress if you or your co sleeper like to lie in the middle of the bed snuggle etc. throughout the night.
  2. Dual Bladder mattresses don’t last as long as single bladder mattresses: Having two mattresses increases the likelihood of seam failure; this is because the mattress has nearly twice the amount of seam. One thing to keep in mind is that seams are covered under all manufacturers’ warranties.
  3. Dual Bladders require 2 waterbed heaters: The down side to this is that 2 heating units means extra added cost for operation of the heating systems, a second issue some complain about is that there is just one more heater to fail and break down. You might find this to be a weak argument for couples that don’t agree on what the temperature dial should be set at when there is only one waterbed heater…
  4. Costs more money to operate duals systems: #4 ties in with #3. There is very little additional cost to run the second heater. The truth is one heater would then have to do the work of two. Additionally there is the cost of having to purchase a second waterbed heater.
  5. Not as much sleeping surface for each sleeper: Frankly the only part of the sleeping surface that is lost is the middle if and only if you are a person that likes sleeping in the middle of the bed. The overall sleeping surface is still a queen or king size nothing has actually changed.
  6. Two Mattresses are Harder to install: Dual bladder mattresses are the most difficult to put in when compared to other water mattresses. While it is not a hard job to do most anyone can do it, taking the time to make sure all outside corners are properly aligned something that can easily be achieved by taking your time.

Tomorrow we’ll share part 2 of Top 10 Problems with Dual Waterbed Mattresses that includes the final 7 problems called More Complaints And Issues About Dual Bladder Waterbed Mattresses

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