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How to Select the Best Waterbed Mattress

February 13, 2019
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Choosing The Best Waterbed Mattress

There is nothing more rewarding after the stresses of a long hard day at work than getting home, unwinding and then to finally wrapping that day up by climbing into a comfy bed. These days with all the cozy options that are available there is still one type of bed that just can’t be put to rest, a waterbed. Why? Perhaps it’s their unbelievable comfort. Maybe it is their unmatched pressure relief. I happen to think it’s the ability to control the beds temperature that plays such a unique role in lulling people to sleep.

It’s been called a “fad” but this one is 50 years old and continues to be the bed of choice  for so many people. Fluid suspension, another name for waterbeds is still a large segment of sales in  our small family business, I often tell people, “Whether you’ve had one before or you’re a first timer, it is important to get caught up and educate yourself about modern-day flotation systems”. These are not the 1970’s novelty free flowing waterbeds that made people feel sea sick merely thinking about them.

Finding the Best Waterbed Mattress: Where Do I Start?

Are you replacing an existing mattress or starting from scratch? No matter if you are trying to make do with the old waterbed or getting a whole new flotation system, it’s a good idea to take a moment and think about how you and yours sleeps. What are your wants, needs, and problems?

  • Are you or your partner a restless sleeper?
  • Toss & turn a lot
  • Always cold or always hot
  • Living with back pain & problems
  • Do you have muscle or joint pain?
  • Arthritis
  • Light sleeper and easily awakened
  • Circulatory issues

While no bed is a cure all for what ails us, waterbeds have helped millions of people in a variety of ways. Flotation sleep is so different from other types of beds and many waterbed owners have shared stories that include some benefit or level of improvement of comfort within each of the mentioned categories, especially when compared to other types of sleep system. The unique surface is designed to literally float within and offers unmatched comfort, support, in addition to a soothing temperature-controlled sleep environment that is just plain relaxing. With all the various types of waterbed mattresses that are available there is bound to be one that is just right for you.

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting the Waterbed That fits You Best

When people think waterbeds most people conjure up the image of a free flow mattress, a big seller back in the day and it gave sleepers the feeling of snoozing on a boat on a rough sea. At that time technology didn’t exist to control the water movement and especially in cases where one sleeping partner was heavier than the other. Owners would find themselves in a uneven position with one up high from displaced water and the other one down low often bottoming out on the floor of the bed.

Other stories were told where the two might collide like ships at sea and get that sinking wavy gravy feeling from 1970’s. Fortunately, waterbed mattresses have improved radically since their early beginnings. In 2019 our most popular selections use durable layers of fiber that are strategically placed to improve total body support while reducing and stopping the movement of water inside the filled bladder. Waterbed mattresses with 1-2 fiber layers can move for 20 seconds or longer, while 10-12 layer systems completely stifle water movement with ergonomically designed lumbar support that keeps the body in a proper alignment and position.

If you suffer from back or muscular pain, a waterbed mattress with extra fiber layers could be the answer.

If you are a sound sleeper but your partner is more restless, consider a dual bladder waterbed mattress that has less movement than regular mattresses. It also allows you to customize each side separately, allowing for separate temperature control as well as different levels of wave control and additional support for the whole upper body.

Modern Waterbed Mattresses Fall Into Two Categories

The two choices available are called hardside and softside waterbeds.

Hardside waterbeds: These include the traditional frame-style bed with hard wooden sides usually made of pine or oak. You need to determine if you are going to start with a whole new bed or simply getting a new mattress for your old bed. For those sleepers who don’t mind sloshing around or simply and looking to relive the nostalgia of the seventies, free flow mattresses are still available. But if you prefer less movement, semi-waveless mattresses with fiber batting and interconnected water chambers have less movement. Prefer no movement at all? Super and ultra waveless models constructed with a combination of fiber and water chambers are the best sellers for adult s and couples. Before choosing a replacement bladder know the inside width and length measurements for your hardside waterbed. They are as follows: Super Singles is 48″ wide, California Queen/ Queen is 60″ wide, and California King is 72″ wide. The length of all three of these beds are the same measuring 84″ long. Below is a list of our available replacement water mattresses these can be used in both old and new hardside waterbed frames.

  1. Free Flow Mattress
  2. Luxury Support 2300 Reduced Motion Hardside Waterbed Mattress
  3. Luxury Support 5300 Wave Reduced Hardside Waterbed Mattress
  4. Luxury Support 7300 Super Reduced Wave Control Waterbed Mattress
  5. Genesis 900 DXF Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress

Softside waterbeds: are another option and have numerous benefits. These are the most modern of waterbeds and sleepers experience the same comfort, support, and energy efficient temperature control with the look of a mattress and box-spring. Not only do they look like regular mattresses, but they are designed without the drawback of climbing in and out of bed over a hard wooden frame. A light weight softside waterbed mattress gives you the freedom to easily adapt your new sleep system to your existing headboard and bedroom furniture. You will not need special waterbed sheets and in fact you can purchase the same sheets that fit standard innerspring mattresses without changing the decor and having to invest into all new bedding. Depending on your preferences and physical needs, softside mattresses are available in 3 depths: shallow fill 4” Deep, mid-fill 6” deep, and deep fill top of the line at 8”-9” for the very best full depth support.

Dreaming of The Perfect Bed Temperature

Another benefit the waterbed sleeper enjoys is the cooling and warming feature of an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the bed’s temperature. Long recognized for its therapeutic benefits, experts recommend keeping a waterbed heater set between 85 and 91 degrees throughout the overnight hours. Remember the temperature setting is subjective but extreme warm and cool temperatures are not recommended since extremes in temp affect our quality of sleep.

Finally, no matter what kind of flotation bed you decide on proper care is a must, keep it clean and free of dirt and add the recommended dosage of waterbed conditioner to keep water from going stagnate and growing mold and bacteria inside your mattress. Burp the air out and you can rest assured that you will experience many nights of quiet supportive rest on your new water mattress or softside waterbed.