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All Natural Latex, Wool, & Cotton for Healthier Mattresses

February 23, 2009
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Land and Sky has been manufacturing natural sleep products over the last 35 years. They have led the way by pioneering the specialty sleep industry. The selection Land and Sky offers of all natural, and organic sleep products have been put together with earth-friendly sustainable resources. Renewable and sustainable natural resources like, untreated lumber, latex rubber, organic cotton, and organic wool.  For example, their all natural latex mattress cores  are formed from the oil of rubber trees using a natural extraction procedure. In this way the oil is collected leaving the leaves, pardon the pun of the tree and the sap safe & sound and unharmed in their natural environment.

Within the cover we use a soft layer of 100% virgin certified organic wool. The organic wool has been scoured and washed in order to remove the natural burrs and excess oil from the fibers. The wool is long lasting, won’t mat, and makes a superb natural fiber insulator, keeping your body cool in the summer months and warmer when it’s cold. The pure natural wool also has a nice feature. It has the benefit to wick and keep moisture from building up between the body and underlying material. Our natural covers are then finished with 100% organic cotton ticking and then meticulously inspected. There are no harmful chemicals used in the mattresses creation process. With these Land and Sky organic beds, you can rest assured knowing that your family is sleeping on the finest materials that earth and nature can provide.

This naturally elastic, 100%- all natural latex mattress, which molds to your body’s shape and cradles it with effortless support. Naturally conforming and gentle to the weight and curves of your body, your new mattress will provide an environment blissfully free of the pressure points. Painful pressure points are the primary cause off tossing and turning. Natural Latex Rubber provides comfort and support to help relax sore muscles and helps you to fall asleep faster. You can sleep deeply and soundly only to wake up feeling thoroughly refreshed and energized.