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Which Is Better All Natural Latex or Memory Foam?

December 30, 2008
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Foam vs. Rubber: Is One Better than the Other?

100% All Natural Latex Mattress, Is It Foam or Rubber? When comparing the overall durability of 100 percent all natural latex to memory foam I would have to say that latex wins the toughness battle hands down after all one is used to make car tires while the other is not.

All Natural Latex vs. Memory Foam: Usage of Chemicals

When putting a 100% All natural latex rubber mattress side-by-side to a memory foam mattress, you must first determine what model you are comparing. At this time memory foam is not available in an all natural or organic versions, so most latex mattresses will beat memory foam because latex includes very few chemical. There are some eco friendly memory foam mattresses that use plant based oils like soy, but these generally speaking are still loaded with chemicals. All though the name might imply something different, some all natural latex mattresses are made using a synthetic latex blend mixture of about 70/30. However the winning edge still must go to latex mattresses, which is widely available in a 98 to 99 percent pure form, this according to virtually every manufacturer of all natural latex mattresses. Side note: most consider these to be organic latex mattresses.

Which is More Comfortable?

Feel is very subjective to the sleeper, we would recommend trying them for yourselves and making up your own mind. Memory foam is often a love or hate feel. More people initially respond with a more positive first impression to all natural latex mattresses. With that said memory foam still out sells latex mattresses across the country. In fairness memory foams larger sales volume is primarily due to the significant advertising campaign on the part of companies like Tempur Pedic, the largest producer of memory foam mattresses in the world.