Buying An Organic Mattress. 10 Alternatives To Expensive Organic Mattresses.

10 Alternatives To Expensive Organic Mattresses Part I

May 5, 2014
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Today we are going to discuss these 10 Alternatives To Expensive Organic Mattresses in part 1 of this series.

Organic Mattress Substitutes

Any mattress we purchase today is mandated by federal law to pass specific safety flame retardant testing and as many of us are now learning this means our mattresses are likely to contain some kind of fire-retardant chemicals that somehow is supposed to “assure our safety”. One way to get around this law is to get a prescription from a doctor stating that you’re allergic to the added chemicals found in today’s mattresses.

Note: some of these chemicals have been known to be toxic and even cancer-causing. The mattress exceptions that don’t include these toxic chemicals are true organic mattresses which comply using natural materials like compressed certified organic wool and comply naturally. The downside is most are quite expensive with best sellers costing between 2500.00 to 5000.00 organic beds out of budget for a lot of people. Below are 10 alternatives that can contribute to a safer sleep environment in your bedroom and pay less for doing it.

10 Alternatives To Expensive Organic Mattresses. Mattress Shopping.

Top 10 Items Cost Saving Solutions To Organic Mattresses

  1. Organic Pillows A pillow is in direct contact with your face throughout the night and one made using organic wool, cotton, or natural botanical rubber that can be pre-formed contouring designs or shredded with a similar feel to a feather pillow. The cost is far less than a new mattress ranging between 80.00 -200.00.
  2. Organic Pillow Protectors – The second closet bed linen in proximity to your head using certified organic cotton surrounds the pillow protecting it from moisture using an inert film that does not leach chemicals and toxins. Cost ranges from 45.00-70.00
  3. Organic Mattress Protectors – The ultimate inert protection for any mattress but especially expensive organics types buy using a waterproof polyurethane film that also breathes allowing you to sleep cool. The organic cotton surface is soft and contains no harmful dyes, bleaching agents, or toxins to breathe in throughout your slumber. Prices range from 50.00-150.00 subject to size
  4. Organic Sheet Set – Possibly the most overlooked portion of any sleep outfit is the sheet set. It is often bought exclusively on price, color, and style with no concern for the impact could have on one’s health and well-being. Perhaps one of the cheapest ways to create a more toxin-free sleep environment they include top sheets, bottom sheets, and pillowcases which can be purchased from 100.00 to 200.00 depending on size. Considering the skin of our body comes into direct contact with this material for 7-8 throughout the night there simply may not be a better or cheaper way to improve sleep safety.
  5. Mattress Topper – Pure Latex Bliss offers several models that do not use any fire retardants because they are not required for mattress toppers. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Oeko-Tex is an independent, 3rd party certifier. Oeko-Tex certification is broadly recognized throughout most of Europe. We are seeing more awareness of this organization here in the USA. Their fabric covers carry the same certification. 350.00 to 600.00. Most of the best-selling organic toppers can range from 900.00 to 1700.00 with size being the primary difference in cost.
  6. Latex Mattresses – Organic is not cheap as you will find in brand names like OMI, Savvy Rest, Etc. however, thinner models can bring the cost down. In addition, some manufacturers use blended models that can cost less like Pure Latex Bliss with carries the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification not only on both their all-natural and all-natural latex but on encasement fabric covers as well.
  7. Hybrid Mattresses These beds should include traditional coil spring units that have a layer of latex rubber usually 2-3 inches thick in lieu of petroleum-based foams. Organic cotton covers quilt in organic wool to comply with federal law. These mattresses can range in price from slightly under 1000.00 to a little over 2000.00 about 1/3 to ½ the cost of all-natural organic natural rubber competitors.
  8. All Cotton Mattresses (Futon) Used in Japan and other countries including the USA this all-cotton mattress can be purchased with organic cotton surrounded with organic wool as the natural fire retardant. Some companies use odorless and natural borate but include a disclaimer that the mattresses can be made borate free with a doctor’s prescription something that is often quite easy to attain. Having had a futon as a teen I can add from personal experience that these mattresses tend to compress and get harder and lumpy feeling fairly quickly.
  9. Wool Mattress Perhaps one of the absolute purest mattress options a person can buy if it contains certified organic wool inside an organic casing made of certified organic cotton. They are much cheaper than most 3 and 4-layer organic latex mattresses but often are in line with 2-layered latex mattresses. While they can be revived by fluffing it is additional required maintenance since the wool will compress. These “beds” in my opinion for the most are too firm. Additional toppers, rug pads, and closely spaced flexible slats are usually needed to soften the bed up or minimize bottoming out, the most common complaints associated with organic wool-filled mattresses. An understanding that the mattress really works better as 1 layer of a multi-layer component system means you are likely to need other layers to achieve optimal comfort and support.
  10. Bed Kit – Some very few companies will sell individuals the components needed to build their own organic mattresses. Due to retailers having to comply with federal fire safety laws for mattresses, most will not sell just a cover or individual layers of natural rubber. But if you are lucky enough and persistent enough to do your homework the parts needed to build your own organic bed for a fraction of the retail cost for a completed bed found online and in retail stores. Not having a specific understanding of types of rubber, a feel for the various ILDs available, and how they will feel when mixed and assembled can be a very very risky way to find a bed with comfort and support.

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