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Why Do All Natural Latex Rubber Mattresses Cost So Much?

October 20, 2010
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Most industry insiders would consider all-natural latex rubber to be the Roles Royce of mattress-making materials and along with quality often comes higher prices, but is that really true?

Natural Rubber Mattresses: Same Cost

Natural rubber mattresses don’t cost any more than the so-called top-of-the-line premium mattresses like the Smart Bed and Tempur Pedic memory foam. It is true you won’t be able to buy one for the same price as the average queen-size mattress set of $799 or $899 and you’re not comparing apples to apples. When a person compares a mattress and their price point, the similarities end. Quality latex mattresses pack a lot of wallop for the money spent making everything else look like sour grapes.

This kind of useful life for a mattress is something that the average queen or king conventional pillow top mattress can’t do. Walk into almost any retail store today and you will see brand-name airbeds, Visco elastic memory foam, and conventional innerspring mattresses for $2000- $3000-$4000 or possibly even a lot more. Our suggestion is to put these mattresses to the test and compare the differences.

One test you can give the mattresses is the weight test and when you investigate you will easily take notice of the differences in weight. Mainstream mattresses are typically half as heavy when compared to all-natural-latex beds because they use far less steel than even a few years ago. They have replaced the steel with low-grade foams and padding materials. In the case of air beds well… the weight is much less and these seamed airbags are notorious for their numerous amount problems.

All Natural Latex Rubber Production

Delve into all-natural latex rubber and we can begin to realize that it is not about price gouging as some believe, rather it comes down to production or manufacturing cost issues that are unique to an all-natural rubber mattress. Natural rubber is not a petroleum-based product, unlike synthetic foam which is. Rubber originates from the sap of a rubber tree, which takes 5 years to grow to production age, and usually ends at 20-30 years.

Nature para latex rubber and cover, pillow and mattress material.

Each tree only produces 3-5 lbs of latex a year. It takes the production of 2000-2500 trees on 10-12 acres and 8-12 tappers one day to produce enough latex for one queen-size mattress. These rubber plantations can cover tens of thousands of acres with millions of trees.

The Quality Varies Greatly

Blending all natural rubber with synthetics made from chemicals or fillers like sand and clay cuts production costs but it also sacrifices the overall quality of the final product. Mattresses that use less rubber by replacing it with inferior foam layers or cut the quality of the rubber by using fillers sometimes appear to be as good through deceptive marketing and in the end, the consumers are the losers. They don’t have the same feel and life expectancy of all-natural latex rubber and even worse many of these come from China where quality standards are not as high.

  • Benefits Of These Mattresses That Cost No More Than A High-Quality Mattress
  • Much longer life
  • The resiliency and elasticity of rubber
  • Conformity of rubber which can shape the body’s natural curves
  • No toxic chemicals
  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradable

So is it cheaper or is it better to buy three mattress sets or more within 24 years? Is it okay to waste landfill space needlessly with products that don’t decompose? We believe for little if any additional cost people will reap the aforementioned benefits by purchasing just one mattress made of all-natural latex rubber that can pretty much do it all. Simulate it to any high-quality pair of shoes or a well-engineered automobile because in the end one way or the other we will all pay the price.

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