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Benefits Of Organic Wool

November 5, 2011
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Benefits Of Organic Wool


L: Hi Nathan thank you for joining us.

N: Thank you for having me.

L: We would like to have you explain to us and to other folks some general things about wool and organics that will be helpful to people thinking about getting a mattress.
So, first of all, why would you put wool in a mattress don’t you just want a blanket over you?

N: No that’s a great question and every person is going to have a different opinion.
It would be fair to say that wool has certain attributes that are going to be advantageous to anybody to use it in their bedding.

N: The reason why you are feeling that comfort is that wool has the ability to wick moisture away and basically take it from the body and move it through the fibers in a fashion that the body likes. And what that does is slow down the heart rate of the body multiple tests have been proven that wool creates the perfect microenvironment.

N: You have these pockets of air that will allow you to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it is a misconception that wool is hot, warm, it’s true to people because they’re using wool as blankets, whereas if they would use wool sweater in the summer they would find that it would stay cool. A good example is all the top suits that are made presidents to senators are wearing wool suits even during the summer-weight and that’s the key thing that it allows airflow and moisture.

N: You also have attributes such as in nature wool is more resilient fiber compared to cotton that mats down and is thicker.

N: Wool it also depends on the micron you’re using.

L: What is a micron?

N: A micron is the width of the fiber as it is measured in millionths, one millionths or two millionths, the microns we use is considered a medium course because the most resilience

L: So it stays soft and durable.

N: Wool fiber has a natural way of being resilient towards dust mites, mildew, anything of that kind of nature and it has a self-cleaning mechanism to it and that’s done because on the fiber it has scales that are running on the sheath of the fiber that acts as a vending mixture that allows for the pick up of moisture and stop debris from entering.

N: The paperwork or the trail is the core idea it’s a way to be comfortable at each stage of the process when the wool is being grown on the sheep and it goes over to the scouring mill is just as accountable as the farmer so it allows for accountability that this guy has to talk to this guy and so on and so forth.