Organic Latex Mattresses and Non-Toxic Organic Air Mattresses.

Benefits Of All-Natural Organic Cotton, Wool, And Latex Mattresses

November 12, 2010
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Organic Latex Mattresses otherwise known as non-toxic organic mattresses? Should you invest in one? Investing in an organic mattress may seem like an extravagant expense, but after doing some preliminary research we have found that many people have become convinced that they are a worthwhile purchase.  But what is the reasoning behind the change to a natural organic cotton or any other natural type of mattress for that matter?  Most people sleep on traditional bedding and spend a great deal of time surrounded by toxic fumes, dust mites, and other dangerous things in their sleep environment. There is good news though, newer “green” mattresses are manufactured using sustainable, all-natural fibers like cotton or organic wool and even natural rubber and they’re just as comfortable as traditional bedding.

Green Mattresses Are Safer Because They Are Non-Toxic, Extremely Durable

Non-Toxic does not pose the same health hazards found in some traditional mattresses. The toxins contained in some traditional mattresses can enter the air while we sleep and then be inhaled deeply into our lungs causing aggravating allergies, causing skin or eye irritations, or worse for some people.  The materials used in conventional mattresses are usually synthetic materials like nylon, polyurethane, and polyester, most of which are treated with chemical fire retardants that are known to be harmful.

An example of this is mattresses containing polyurethane foam or memory foam. Beds containing polyurethane are well known for this issue and are in most cases made from highly flammable petroleum derivatives. To counteract the polyurethane foam hazard, these mattresses are richly coated with potentially harmful flame retardants.

Organic Cotton Mattresses Are Great To Use In Place Of A Traditional Inner Spring Mattress

They are very durable, with a life span of up to fifteen years or more. An organic cotton mattress will improve indoor air quality in your bedroom while eliminating potentially harmful VOCs being released from modern mattresses. A useful tip when shopping is to give serious consideration to alternative mattress-making materials like organic wool or organic cotton products due to the pesticides and synthetic materials used in traditional mattresses. A green mattress is both environmentally friendly and has less harsh chemicals, which translates to a safer night of sleep for everyone.

Natural Latex Rubber Mattresses Are An Environmentally Friendly Solution

Natural latex rubber mattresses are a solution to the problem that is the synthetic nightmare we call a mattress. These natural, sustainable, and organic products are a great fit for anyone looking for comfort, durability, and little usage of toxic chemicals. Consider beds made from the milking sap substance of rubber trees.  A latex rubber mattress is both comfortable and durable and will last for many years while being environmentally sound. Most are not treated with harmful chemicals. Instead, organic models utilize organic wool as the only natural fire retardant and wrap it in a quilted organic cotton cover.

Girl touches the mattress. Organic Latex Mattresses.

Anyone considering buying a new bed should give serious consideration to getting a “green” one.  A green mattress often is very high quality, hypoallergenic, mold, and mildew resistant, all of which translates to being better for your sleep, health, and most importantly your peace of mind.  Choosing an organic cotton mattress and bedding material that is free from toxins is an easy way for you to “green” your home and bedroom with little effort.  Consumers are now demanding more “green” products, it supports organic growers and allows you to do your part to make the environment cleaner.

Using organic mattress and bedding products, not only benefits the ecosystem, but natural fabrics are breathable materials, help you maintain a consistent body temperature, and are a sure way to ensure that you receive a safe, restful, non-toxic, night’s sleep.  No matter what type of budget you may have, there are many economical options so you are sure to find a great selection and not have to break your wallet to do it.

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