10 Beneficial Questions Asked About All Natural Latex Mattresses

Do All Natural Latex Rubber Mattresses Break Down?

Every mattress will take some kind of “set”. A set is permanent impression that has been left in the mattress after something or someone has been on it for an extended time period. 100% Natural Latex Foam Rubber is not “Foam” at all it is rubber but is used like a foam for various applications including beds. It is naturally elastic and is designed to rebound back. The idea of using it for tires has stood the test of time; people will come around to the idea of its logical place in a mattress as well.

I Keep Hearing 100% Dunlop or Talalay Natural Latex, What is Natural About It?

Unlike other so-called natural based products such as memory foam which is petroleum based and strips the earth of its precious resources, latex mattresses have a very green story in comparison. It begins with a 5-6 year old tree, the derivative natural rubber sap and a nearly organic composition. The sap can be extracted for up to 26-30 years and the rubber trees can be replenished unlike crude oil.

Are Latex Mattresses Healthy?

Naturally healthy it will not support dust mites nor will it sustain mildew, mold, and bacteria that many people are allergic to. This makes latex mattresses a fit environment for most individuals who are sensitive to such things and additionally it can aid those people who are chemical sensitive as well.

Does a Latex Mattress Have To Be Flipped Over And Turned?

Most manufacturers agree no is the answer. One reason is that latex in the Dunlop Process especially is very heavy and pliable. A latex rubber mattress is nice and flexible for tight turns and staircases. However it is not pleasant to flip on regular basis, like mattresses and boxsprings, which must rotated and or flipped regularly. Nevertheless due to its untypical durability these mattresses are just fine laying in the same position month after month and year after year. That’s right, latex mattresses are virtually maintenance free.

Is a Latex Mattress Good for My Back?

Sure latex like any mattress may not be for you, so be sure to visit a store and test rest one. Latex takes the shape of the body’s natural curves helping to properly distribute body weight while at the same time reducing pressure and increasing blood circulation, a vital component to an undisturbed night of sleep and proper body support.

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Do All Natural Latex Mattresses Sleep Hot?

There are many factors that can cause a person to sleep hot, but sleeping on a latex mattress is not one of them. Extraordinary breathe ability through correct airflow is a fundamental key to a great night of restful sleep. In a latex mattress the air circulates via pinhole sized core holes and open bubbles that result in a mattress that sleeps cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months.

Are Latex mattresses Just Another Fad?

Not hardly. The Latex mattress segment of the mattress industry is the most rapidly growing component that grew last year a staggering 239% and is actually growing at a faster rate than the more popular memory foam. This is primarily to due to mattresses ability to be so many things to so many people including durable, which is the key frustration of so many brand name mattress and boxspring owners.

What Other Materials are Place on Top of Latex Rubber Mattresses?

We hope natural materials such as organic cotton and organic wool. Some companies use polyurethane foam and other synthetic materials, this defeats the intended design of the more organically designed latex mattress, but it does ultimately reduce customer cost while maintaining a high quality bed.

Do Natural Latex Mattresses Reduce Disturbances Throughout the Night?

We would encourage you to test one for yourself we were impressed. The reduction of motion transfer between couple’s increases the quality of sleep. There is no doubt that a latex mattress could pass a bowling ball test or wine glass test whichever attention-grabber is being used these days.

Are All 100% Natural Latex Mattresses Expensive?

The answer is no in comparison to other type’s mattresses and boxsprings that typically only last 6-8 years. Latex rubber mattresses can stand the test of time. It is common to hear stories of mattresses lasting up to 30 years while averaging 20. If you were to dollar cost average a 20-year life expectancy you have already spent less money. Some mattress manufacturers offer bed kits or sometimes called mattress kits in which the covers can be simply replaced when they become worn over time instead of purchasing a whole new complete bed.

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Before You Buy a Latex Mattresses…

Learn the 7 Things You Need to Know About Latex Before you Buy.

Download the checklist now


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I’m looking into purchasing a soft side waterbed with a latex pillow top covering. I’ve read that latex will dry out when exposed to heat so I’m wondering if the heat from the warmed waterbed will have an affect on it? Thanks for any help on the subject!

Comment by MJ — January 7, 2013 @ 12:23 am

My opinion is little if any affect will take place. Waterbed bladders are only 10-20 degrees higher than room temperature at the most. The warmth of a water bed is not an intense concentrated heat like that of wires from a heating blanket or heated mattress pad that often come into more direct contact with the latex rubber. I have also been told this by others in the industry in conversations concerning your question. To get the real value and feel of latex I believe you need at least 2 or 3 inches of it. That much latex rubber on a softside waterbed and all of the other padding materials combined causes a person to loose a great deal of waterbed feel not to mention the benefits of pressure relief and the therapeutic value of the temperature control. Without those 2 things…why have a waterbed? Just food for thought. Hope this is helpful.

Comment by Douglas Belleville — January 9, 2013 @ 8:07 pm

I am looking for a mattress for my daughter who is away at college. Because I wanted to get her a bed she could transport in her car, we got her an air bed. But she says it loses air and after a couple months she found it unsupportive. I was thinking about a latex or foam mattress that she could roll up when she moves at the end of the school year. Where can I find one of these?

Comment by Teresa — November 11, 2013 @ 7:48 pm

had a latex for the last matteress for the last 3yrs and it s great although just getting broken in, a little warm during the summer but super compfy in winte, very very heavy and expensive

Comment by phillip — February 18, 2014 @ 11:40 pm

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