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How To Test A Mattress In-Store

February 17, 2011
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To Try The Mattress or Not to Try The Mattress?

Goldilocks tried three different mattresses before she managed to find the perfect one and we can take a lot away from her mattress test resting experience. New mattress shoppers should do the very same thing. Unfortunately in my 25 years of selling mattresses, I find a common obstruction that gets in the way when people are new mattress shopping. This stumbling block if will come in the form of trying out a mattress in the showroom. Keep reading to learn how to test a mattress in-store to make sure it’s right for you.

Reasons People Won’t Test Rest A Mattress

  • Perhaps the customer is self-conscious or embarrassed?
  • Maybe they think lying down on mattresses doesn’t matter?
  • Possibly a mattress they feel is something that could only be determined in an overnight trial to see if it feels right.
  • The salesperson can be a very helpful tool, but he or she cannot test rest or try out a mattress for you, you’re the one buying the mattress, not them.
  • I don’t know maybe the whole idea of testing out a mattress before you buy it is a silly one.

We often articulate the importance of test resting and comparing various types of mattresses and brands to trying on a new pair of shoes.  If the shoes don’t fit or in the case of a mattress if it doesn’t feel good and give good support why would you buy it?

I’ve heard people believe the reason a salesperson wants you to lay on a mattress is the same reason the new car salesman wants you to drive the new car. First impressions aren’t everything.  He knows it will perform better, ride better, has the features you’re looking for and yes it has that new car smell.

But test drives or trying out a mattress attests to the old saying that the only way to know something for sure is to see it for yourself. You the mattress buyer need to remember that you and you alone are responsible for getting the information you need.

What You Can Learn From Testing Out A Mattress

  • Is the mattress too firm, too soft, or as Goldilocks said: “Ahh just right”.
  • Does it give proper support?
  • Is there a big difference between the way a memory bed feels and a mattress and box spring or any other type of mattress for that matter?
  • Can I move around, turn over easily, and get in and out of the thing?
  • Do I feel motion or disturbance when my partner turns over or moves?

I haven’t seen any stores or manufacturers that allow an overnighter up to this point, but shoppers can experience and learn a great deal of information about what it is they are planning to purchase by simply giving showroom mattresses a try and it can lower mattress costs by minimizing the need for retail comfort exchange policies.

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