How to choose the perfect mattress.

5 Ways To Choose The Perfect Mattress

October 1, 2009
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1. Determining What Size You Need

This may not sound important but the key to a great night of sleep can be as simple as choosing the correct mattress size, king size is recommended. Each person gets 38” for each sleeper. Regardless of the facts queen is the most popular mattress size due to the lowest cost and room size but that doesn’t make it better. Remember with only 30” for each sleeper there is less space than a child gets in a twin size bed.

2. Ask To Test The Rest The Best

We admit test rests are not like sleeping in a bed but do not underestimate their importance, so it is sure that you take the time you have, to make the most of it, trying & test resting store demonstration mattresses in your both favorite and least favorite sleeping positions. People who spend little or no time trying mattresses are always the least satisfied with their purchase.

3. Sales People Should Show You One Type Of Mattress At A Time

Example: Memory Foam Mattresses or mattress and box springs stay focused and eliminate beds that are not comfortable or less comfortable than another model you tried, even if it is out of budget. In the end, a salesperson might be useful in helping you find a mattress with a similar feel within your price range. Top of the line mattresses is offered maximum comfort, maximum support, and durability. If nothing else, you can use these things to compare and set comfort and support standard that meets your needs while trying various mattress models.

4. Test Various Kinds Of Mattresses To Get The Best One

Even if you like mattresses and box springs, look at alternate offerings in the specialty mattress segment such as memory foam, latex mattresses, airbeds, and soft-side waterbeds. People who own specialty mattresses such as these are getting state of the art comfort, support, and feel tend to be the most satisfied after their purchase according to leading consumer advocacy groups and magazines. It’s just like your mom told you, you won’t know if you like it until you try it. Simply liking it has half of what it takes to get a good night’s sleep. The beds are built to do the rest.

5. Now That You Have One Or Two Mattresses That You Have Tried Out And Really Like, What’s Next?

We suggest remembering the K.I.S.S method. Keep It Simple Silly. Feel, Quality, Price. That’s all anyone needs to know when buying a bed. Compare quality by making use of signs, literature, the Internet, and your salesman’s knowledge. First, eliminate mattresses that are way out of budget, be sure to utilize your salesperson for similar feeling within your budget. Finally when all is said and done and the lights are turned off remember the cost, and construction will no longer be as important. Choose your bed wisely by choosing it for the way it feels. We promise you the fact that it is built like a tank and only cost you $500 will no longer be important if you can’t get comfortable and sleep in it. So be sure to focus on the bed’s feels, because it really is what matters most every single night.