Initial Feel Is Key To A Perfect Mattress Feel

Initial Feel Is Key To A Perfect Mattress Feel

March 12, 2013
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What would the perfect mattress feel like?

When shopping for the perfect mattress many people get so caught up in finding out price, if there is a sale going on, and amount of savings offered they often forget one of the most important steps, trying to find the perfect mattress feel. The Initial Feel Is Key To A Perfect Mattress. We must first explore what is the general type of mattress you would prefer to sleep on in the coming years or no matter how much you saved and no matter how good of a deal you think you got it your decision could literally turn into a nightmare.

Mattress materials and firmness vary and offer wide variety of firmness’

In the beginning stages of finding the perfect mattress nearly anything you could ever dream of finding in the perfect mattress thick, thin, firm and soft are all available in nearly any price range and budget. Try them all because the only thing you should care about is getting a good idea for what various bed types feel like and in the end it will help you determine exactly what it is you are looking for.

Getting the feel for what you’re looking for

At this point it is all about what you have read about and heard about from friends, family, and co-workers. Keep in mind for now it’s all about the testing process. Test rest everything you have heard about memory foam, latex, coil springs, water, air etc. Try them all and remember that at this point price, construction, and type does not matter your only objective is to try as many mattresses as you can. Don’t worry there will be plenty of time to scrutinize the other factors in buying a mattress. At this point it will only cloud your judgment.

What do you like in a mattress?

Consider each of the following as an option regardless of your budget. Here’s why many people are able to find low cost mattresses that feel similar to the high dollar versions for a fraction of the price making them an excellent bargain. Try them all top of the line, middle of the line, and yes even the low end. If you are taking your time you should start to get a real sense of what feels good to you.

Think about things like how springy you like it. How far you like to sink into a mattress or whether you prefer to sleep more on top of it. Perhaps you want firm core support but want to change up the surface feel from old school firm beds. Try out tops with continuous quilted stitching and tack and jump stitching all of which can be found in various sleeping surfaces called quilt tops, pillow tops, euro tops, and plush tops. Some beds are upholstered with a firmer feel that includes the following: firm, luxury firm, cushion firm, and super firm and extra firm. One thing is for certain names are just that and are subjective to whomever is test resting it. There are no industry standards for firmness or softness that are measurable much less comparable from one store to another.

How does the mattress respond with movement?

This may seem silly but more often than not disturbance from one person to another can make or break a bed’s overall comfort. Move around and change sleeping positions. Do you find that the mattress is restrictive and doesn’t let you move freely? If you share your mattress with another take some time and move around. Plop, flop, and roll we say and see how mattress movement affects each of you.   When looking for the perfect mattress select mattresses that only give you the wow factor. Choosing mattresses that are simply Ok will offer very little in comfort and support that will satisfy you and will most than likely disappoint. Your initial test resting should be over during this initial feel shopping phase you should have found some commonality among the mattresses you prefer in your personal perfect mattress quest. You should now have a very precise idea of what it is you like in a category of mattresses. Hopefully you kept a journal of likes and dislikes. Review your notes and collect your thoughts. It’s time to get more technical and to find the support that is perfect for your body weight and design.

Finally no matter what do not be drawn into special offers that make it nearly impossible to walk out the door, there will always be good sales and special deals in the furniture and mattress industry. No deal is too good to pass up another will rear its head.