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Mattress Buyers Asked If They Would Buy It Again???

September 10, 2009
In the Bedroom

Comparing Mattresses

According to the October 2009 Consumer Reports knowing that you cannot compare one mattress to the other as stated in this issue and all previous others they finally figured out a way to inform people about what are the best mattresses. Way to go Consumer Reports you got it right. Instead of rating mattresses that are for the most part incomparable, you decided to ask mattress buyers who already bought these mattresses if they liked them. CR asked the right question of their 17,000 plus online subscribers who bought beds in the recent years. According to CR they asked their mattress buying subscribers if they would buy the same brand mattress again. 41 percent definitely yes, 43 percent probably and 16 percent would buy something else. We would have liked to know if they would have recommended it to friends and family.

Interestingly specialty mattresses like Tempurpedic and Select Comfort came out on top with owners of them saying that they would purchase them again while brand name mattresses like Stearns and Foster and Spring Air owners not so much. We would have liked to know about other beds like All Natural Latex mattresses which get rave reviews on the Internet and also the various types of waterbeds but this was pretty good information they received.

How much does comfort cost?

Almost everyone agreed that any new supportive mattress would win out over an old worn out mattress set of any kind. So how much should we spend to get that new mattress comfort? The numbers were big but if you spent $4000.00 or more on your mattress you were in a class of 78% satisfaction rate while people who spent less than a thousand also had a decent rate of satisfaction 66%. Our conclusion from their results is what we have been saying all along, you don’t have to spend a million bucks to get a good night of sleep.

Testing Mattresses

So should you take a mattress for a test drive and try it before you by it? Well according to 77% of the people their time was well spent even though it was only 10 minutes. We suggest more time if possible. While others who did not take the time to lie on a mattress and compare models was highly unsatisfied.

People that had problems sleeping looked for alternate solutions to their sleep problems and it seems that many of them found relief from “unconventional” mattresses. According to Consumer Reports responders’ relief came from the specialty sleep industries memory foam bed Tempurpedic and Air Bed Select Comfort with a combined improvement of sleep of over 60 percent.

In this same article Consumer Reports even went on to answer what we at STLBeds feels is the biggest mattress myth that consumers are unaware of. The myth is that backs especially older ones need a harder or firmer bed. CR’s answer is the same as ours. There have been no real studies much less conclusive ones that suggest firm is best. The mattress that is best for you is the one that is most comfortable to you. We encourage you to listen to friends, family, and your doctors’ suggestions. In the end take it all into consideration and do the research. With the proper information you can narrow down and determine the level of quality, price, and type of mattress that fits your needs. However remember this, when turn the lights off and go to bed, all these people don’t have to sleep the new mattress whether it be firm or soft or if it’s a Simmons or a Tempurpedic, so be sure to buy the brand and type of mattress that is most comfortable to “you”.