Used Mattress – How To Sell One

If your first thought was “Ick, gross”, or “There is no way in hell I would ever buy a used mattress,” then we’d be in agreement. Perhaps there is a place for used mattresses and those that want to sell one.

Most legitimate mattress and furniture stores don’t sell used mattresses. There are a few that know enforcement of existing laws is lax at best – bearing in mind that it’s illegal in most states to sell one unless it has been properly cleaned and sanitized. Most legitimate stores won’t bother with taking them in on trade or buying them back considering they’re nasty, there are health risks involved and there are virtually no recycling options available.  Plus,most stores are able to buy brand new ones for wholesale cost.

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To the best of my knowledge the same laws do not apply to individuals wanting to sell their mattress. If you are one of those people that wouldn’t mind picking up a few extra bucks to put towards your new bed purchase we’re here to help.

Where to sell a used mattress and boxspring

  • Newspaper classifieds
  • Word of mouth (Tell friends, family, and co-workers)
  • Post signs in high traffic areas
  • Advertise on community billboards

Require local pick up only or charge for delivery. Only accept cash or Paypal as payment absolutely positively no checks or money orders to avoid online scams. You can sell your used mattress by means of a subdivision, garage, or yard sale do expect to get far less for it than by the other methods.

Tips for Selling a Used Mattress and Box Spring

Go the extra mile to make the old mattress marketable. People don’t want dirty or stained mattresses and they don’t want to see urine, blood, or perspiration stains or smell. They usually do not want one that is torn, lumpy or sagging badly, but if yours still has a little life in it then there will be a buyer for your old bed. No matter what you paid for it new, just remember  to “Price the Mattress Set Right” because most people are not willing to pay more than a 100-200 dollars. Remember, your idea was to throw it away, so any money is better than no money.

Tips and Good selling points to promote if they apply.

  • Consider having it professionally cleaned and sanitized if your bed is in pristine condition
  • Include that it was used in a non smoking environment
  • Mention that you do not have pets
  • Tell the consumer it was vacuumed regularly
  • Indicate that a mattress pad or protector was always used and was cleaned frequently
  • Include multiple photos showing the condition of the mattress set (This is a must)
  • Make sure your ad includes the original price paid including sales tax to establish a base line for negotiations.
  • Brand names appeal to buyers and they are more secure with them so if you have a used Sealy, Serta, Tempur Pedic or Simmons, it’s possible to get a few extra dollars of value.
  • Include free delivery if you have the means to do so. Maybe even pad the price with a few extra dollars to cover your time and vehicle expense.

While many of us scoff at the idea of purchasing a used mattress know that there are people less fortunate than us that would love to simply have a mattress to sleep on and can’t afford a new one. While the extra cash would be nice, you could help out your fellow man or woman and give it away for free via the same avenues mentioned above.

PS – If you purchase a new mattress from our store, we’ll recycle or dispose of your old one at no additional cost! (Saint Louis residents only)