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If you’re concerned about toxic chemicals in your home, including those in your sofa, mattresses and bedding, you should check out Savvy Rest!  Their all-natural products lead to a healthier environment and customized living and sleep experience.


If you’re concerned about toxic chemicals in your home, including those in your sofa, mattresses and bedding, you should check out Savvy Rest!  Their all-natural products lead to a healthier environment and customized living and sleep experience.

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Organic Shredded Latex Pillow


Customizable Comfort

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You've never experienced a pillow like this before. How? It's uniquely yours by customizing it to fit your needs. Your customizable Savvy Rest shredded latex pillow is deliberately overstuffed so you can remove any amount of soft, shredded natural latex (blended Dunlop and Talalay). Create your own height, firmness or softness for the perfect personal fit. Simply unzip the outer and then inner casings and take out any amount of natural filling you desire. This will allow the comfort you seek while  fully supporting your head and neck throughout the many enjoyable nights to come. Make it soft or firm and anything in between. It’s up to you.

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Organic Latex Contour Pillow

Organic Contour Latex Pillow


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Savvyrest Organic Contour Latex Pillow

  • Height 4″ (Measurements may vary.)
  • Organic cotton outer casing that can be removed
  • Formed with Natural Organic Dunlop latex
  • Firmness medium
  • Best for side sleepers
  • Removable cover- Washable
  • Machine Wash gentle cycle or hand wash
  • Line dry recommended or air tumble dry
  • No harmful chemicals-non toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Built from sustainable materials
  • Long lasting

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Savvy Woolsey

Organic Topper Woolsy


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This Savvy Rest Wool topper is full of luxurious certified organic wool which has been magnificently quilted within a soft organic cotton surrounding casing. Using these breatheable natural materials creates an ideal sleeping environment that will not be to hot or too cool and it feels unbelievable. Our Woolsey Topper is NOT a smothering sink in kind of mattress topper that envelopes and smothers you like our competitors. Our customers describe it as having a slight pillowy sensation that offers just a hint of softness that doesn’t disguise the support of your current mattress. For those wanting to just tweak the feel of their current mattress they can simply add our wool and cotton topper to their existing bed for a slightly different overall feel and support without changing it too drastically.


Organic Wool Pillow


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  • Removable zipper organic cotton cover
  • Customize firmness, feel, support, and height
  • Filled with  50-50 blend of organic wool fiber and organic wool “bolus”
  • Sleeps cool

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Certified Organic Kapok Filled Pillow


You Can Adjust Your Firmness!

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Another luxurious sleep choice from Savvy Rest is the new natural kapok pillow. It’s washable and an hypoallergenic alternative that feels like silk. It is 100 percent free of synthetic building components or harsh harmful irritating chemicals. The kapok  fiber comes from a sustainable tree that flowers. The fiber is similar to the feel of silk which is the material of royalty.  The pillow gives excellent support that is just the right combination of firm and softness because you can customize your pillow by removing or adding fill. It is mildew, mold, and dustmite resistant and doesn’t flatten out like cheap big box store pillows.

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Organic Soap Shape Latex Pillow


Soap Shape Latex Pillow from Savvy Rest, the leader in organic bedding accessories and mattresses, is a certified organic pillow.Our low profile pillow is perfect for medium to small framed men and women. The anticipation will kill you waiting for bed time to come. Wrapping your arms around this all natural soft dunlop pillow every night is what really good dreams are made of. The specially designed hollow channels throughout this head support system is made to promote maximum air flow and breathability. The design is also perfect for children and stomach sleepers.

Pillow height is approximately height: 5”

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Vitality Latex Mattress Topper

Vitality Organic Topper



Features and Benfits at a Glance

  • fs_prod1 (1)Comfort Rating (See our Comfort Scale)
  • Place topper on your mattress for additional cushioning, support, and relief to painful pressure points
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Stretch knit fabric (Non-customizable)
  • Total height: 3″
  • Radium Perfo Latex Foam Vita Talalay Superior that has been OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified (Read More)
  • Two Sided- Can not only be rotated, but also flipped over for longer life and more even wear.
  • Breatheable- There is nothing better than proper air circulation so you do not overheat due to poor air movement
  • Environment free of problematic allergens- Naturally resistant to mold & mildew so sufferers can breathe easier
  • Hold the Dustmites- If your mattress was a menu those words would be one the first words out of allergy sufferers mouths. Resist these microscopic critters may with talalay latex.
  • Update the feel of any mattress
  • Super strong because it is made from natural latex rubber
  • Name a size and we will make it fast
  • Fast Delivery Available
  • Warranty 3 year limited
Tranquility Latex Mattress

Tranquility Latex Mattress


Perfect for Children and Smaller Adults

Configure Your Mattress by selecting the size and layers you want!

Savvy Rest Tranquility Mattress is purely the most healthful mattress available from the most trustworthy natural bedding manufacturer in the organic mattress business.

Unlike other mattresses, this organic bed is put together with a modular design, meaning that it is made with replaceable or exchangeable parts.

Whether it wears out over time or you simply want to change the feel of your mattress, it is what makes the Tranquility Organic mattress a perfect choice. It’s also the perfect choice for those who are both concerned about harmful toxins being emitted into their nightly sleep environment as well as the threat all mattresses pose to our outdoor environment as they are tossed into landfills.

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