How Much is a Used Mattress and Box Spring Worth?

How much is a Slightly Used King, Queen, Full, or Twin size Mattress Set Worth

First have you ever wondered about the worth of various house hold items like that baseball card collection you’ve had boxed and stored for years, grandpa’s old watch, or perhaps an old heirloom piece of furniture that has been handed down for a couple generations? While many of these items may have some real value and could turn up on the PBS’s Antique Road show, I am pretty sure there is one item you won’t find on there, your old mattress set. Surely it’s worth something though; I mean you probably paid hundreds maybe even a couple thousand dollars or more. It has to have some value right? Like the Antique Road show older items sometimes aren’t worth very much. What makes them special is what makes them valuable and what makes them worth so much or so little?

  • Rarity
  • Aesthetics
  • Age
  • Desirability
  • Authenticity
  • Really great condition

If we apply these criteria to most anything cars, furniture, and yes even mattresses. The fact is whether your selling or buying a used mattress and boxspring you’ll find they commonly do not meet value expectations and have little worth.

How much to ask for an old used mattress?

  1. Bear with us because there is much to consider. Used mattresses are not highly desirable so the asking price is not likely to be your bottom dollar selling price which is why it is recommended to leave some wiggle room for negotiations, but not so much as to scare off potential mattress buyers.
  2. Take into consideration the age of the mattress, useful life is normally around 8 years. Rarity is hardly an issue with old mattresses their like a face everyone has one. However if you have a mattress that is harder to find such as a specialty latex mattress, Sleep Number Bed, or an Authentic Tempur Pedic Memory Foam Mattress you will most certainly get  a little more. You’ll definitely get more than the run of the mill used Sealy, Serta, or Simmons mattress set found on any given curb on trash day.

    An old beds worth makes it value subjective to the seller and the buyer.

  3. Put your self in the buyer’s shoes for a moment. They don’t know the health of the mattress they are about to buy. They know about bedroom activities, dead skin, drool, blood, dust mites,  and perspiration just to name a few. Savvy shoppers realize it is illegal for most retailers to sell old used beds unless they have been properly sanitized and marked as such. Think of the mattress your are selling as old clothes that cannot be washed this makes it easier to understand people’s hesitancy to buy an old mattress and boxspring. If giving it away or donating it is not an option consider getting enough to cover the sales tax on a new one or down payment. Most people agree that in the best condition most mattress sets won’t bring more than 10 to 20 percent of their original value. In the neighborhood of $50 -$200 is the reasonable price to sell or buy a used mattress set for. This is based on the average cost to purchase a mattress set which sells new for $500.00 to $2000.00.