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fs_prod1 (1)A Smart Solution To Your Current Bed Frame Problem


They are different. They are stylish. They are strong.

Use them to replace your existing steel bed frame.

Sit them inside your current headboard and footboard with wood or metal side rails.

Price Includes:


The Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative Legs are the ideal alternative to regular old wobbly and conventional squeaking bed frames. Available in sleek Walnut color, the Versa Legs are stylish and can be used to either contrast or match any decor. They are easy to install using only a power screwdriver. The free-standing Versa Legs unique design allows them to fasten directly to the bottom of your box spring/foundation, Each one is individually mounted using two different pieces: A threaded base plate and the threaded bed leg. (Take note of leg count below for your bed size) The Versa Leg set allows you to completely customize the height of your bed with the choice of four-bed stances 3, 5, 7 or 10-inch legs. You don’t get this option with ordinary bed metal bed frames.


Raise or lower the current height of your mattress set to meet your needs. Benefits include easier cleaning underneath the bed on taller leg choices so you can remove those pesky dust bunnies that can collect. You can also lower your set for appearance, ease of entry, or to keep the mattress from blocking the aesthetics of your headboard. The most important thing is that it is strong. While many of us don’t need it to, it is so heavy duty it can even support the weight of a king-size soft side waterbed. Imagine the possibilities. If Versa Legs can do that, it’s easy to understand that they can also support heavy duty mattress sets like gel memory foam, Dunlop or Talalay latex, and much much more. Our most popular application is the need to support customers from petite to yes even plus size and bariatric sizes.


Are you looking to replace your steel bed frame with a heavy-duty alternative?

Do you want to raise or lower the height of your mattress to meet your needs?

If so, our heavy-duty Versa Legs are the product for you.

Super Duty Strength

  • King Size -12 Total Legs
  • California King Size -12Total Legs
  • Queen Size -12Total Legs
  • Full Size -6 Total Legs
  • Twin Size -6 Total Legs
  • Twin Extra Long Size -6 Total Legs

Select your Height

  • Choose your leg height. Four sizes are available in 3,5,7 or 10 inches tall to meet any need you might have.
  • Put that step stool away not more climbing into bed. Lower the mattress set to the height needed.
  • Add extra height to the foundation and mattress allowing for easier cleaning in and around the bed.
  • Comes in a smooth Walnut color

Environmentally Friendly

  • 100% Recycled materials.
  • No more jagged, sharp, or rough steel bed frame edges.
  • Easier on the carpet.
  • Felt pads are always recommended when putting anything on hardwood or tile.
  • Headboard and Footboard brackets are available for purchase.

A Smart solution

  • Free stand the mattress set with NO head or footboard.
  • Use with a headboard only. NOTE: Headboard Mounting brackets required and are optional.
  • The bed stands come in 4 heights allowing you to have your bed sitting at the height you desire.

Additional information


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Leg Height

3", 5", 7", 10"

Attaches To

Stands Alone



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