How Do I Fix a Sagging Pillow Top Mattress?

What is mattress sagging anyway?

Sagging is the failure of either the coil spring core or the cushy surface layers within a mattress. Steel coil springs are rarely known to fail, however thick mattresses with lots of padding are known to break down at a rather quick rate? One such surface that has been fairly notorious for such sagging and deep depressions is a pillow top mattress. A pillow top mattress is essentially a mattress with a thick cushy additional surface layer designed softer for extra comfort. If the layer breaks down as it often can, this is know as sagging. So how can you fix a sagging pillow top? The truth is you really cannot fix a sagging pillow top mattress or any other mattress for that matter. The key is preventative maintenance. That’s right don’t let it sag in the first place.

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How to minimize pillow top mattress problems such as a sag:

1. If you weigh over 200 pounds you may want to avoid conventional pillow top mattress and boxsprings due to their not often heavily padded and often cheaper quality foam usage.
2. Buy a pillow top mattress that uses higher-grade polyurethane foams and a higher IFD.
3. Turn your pillow top mattress regularly 180 degrees / end to end
4. A pillow top mattress must be flipped or turn over if it is two sided. (Pillow top on both sides)
5. If at all possible do not sleep in the exact same spot, this can cause uneven wear in a pillow top mattress.
6. Look for a mattress that uses better quality materials like memory foam, all natural latex rubber, in lieu of polyurethane foam.

In summary all mattresses including Pillow Top Mattresses eventually wear out some faster than others. If you are a smart educated shopper you can determine if a pillow top mattress would be best for you. For many people it is their best and most comfortable choice in bedding today.