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Supersize Your Mattress

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There are plenty of reasons why you should supersize your mattress. This article is useful information about how the bigger the mattress, the better. What do we mean by Supersize and Flareside mattresses? More room!

The Texas-Sized Mattress With More Area

The rest of the country seems to have embraced the Texas motto that everything needs to be bigger. We have big appetites, big box stores, and even the size of the average American home has increased over 100 percent in recent years. Urban sprawl is just another great example of wanting and needing more and when it comes to our space in bed we face yet another first-world problem…  that’s right we don’t have enough sleeping space. Many of us still have not made the choice to Super Size our sleep surface.

The Woes That Wake Us Up & Make Us Tired

  • Snoring
  • The occasional involuntary jerk
  • Tossing and turning perhaps even flailing arms, legs, and bodies
  • Bathroom trips
  • Different work schedules
  • Not having the same comfort needs
  • Talking in your sleep
  • Lack of sleeping space

What Can You Do About It?

Sometimes a dysfunctional sleeping situation can be caused by the lack of room in our beds. The bedding industry says the bigger the mattress the better the rest. Sure this might not solve all the above problems, but a very large portion of them can be easily resolved by simply increasing the amount of space we share with our mate.

King Koil has come up with a unique solution that adds ½ a foot more room to any king, queen, California Queen, full or twin size bed, and nearly every mattress type they build. The new wider mattress is called a “Flare Design”. Made from premium high-density foam it is tough and doesn’t compromise the seat edge strength of the mattress while offering years of durable life.

What Is A Flare Side Mattress Design?

It’s a mattress that offers up to 15 percent more sleeping space on the surface of your bed depending on size while adding a one-half foot to any size bed, either way, that’s a lot more room. The flared side allows King Koil to decrease motion disturbance for their customers while at the same time increasing uninterrupted sleep. The specially designed edge nearly eliminates the typical roll-off sensation associated with traditional edged mattresses. Premium high-density foam flared sides are specially angled like a truss used to build bridges allowing the edge to maintain strength even when weight is applied.

We know what you’re thinking custom-size mattress and everything else you need for it will be custom as well including the price. The fact is you probably will not need to buy anything else extra, like a matching foundation, steel bed frame, or even a bed.  Just as important you will not need custom sheets to accommodate a Flare Mattress. Comfort Solutions tested various sheet sizes and brands and found that many deep-pocket sheet sets or sheets that are one size larger than the mattress size fit the Flare design. They have also developed a sheet guide after much testing that will be useful for consumers listing stores, sizes, sheet brands, and deep side pocket measurements to fit the Comfort Solutions Flare mattresses for any size they manufacture.

Queen-size mattresses which are 60” wide are most commonly shared by couples which leaves each sleeper a measly 30” of real estate to make do with. While a queen does give couples 6 more inches more than they would get in a full-size bed it is still 8 inches less than a child gets sleeping in a 38” twin size by themselves. Before you give too much thought to the two-bedroom solution consider waiting and look at the benefits of a Flare Side Mattress.

How A Flareside Mattress Can Help

Improved Sex Life

Let’s face it – close proximity usually works better than a long-distance relationship.


Beds with more space are easier to move around, turn over, and reposition in.

Disrupted Sleep

Partners who are waking up by bumps, nudges, and movements from being too close to someone are apt to sleep better.

Conflicts Over Co-Sleeping

Just like adults children also need adequate sleeping space for optimal rest and body rejuvenation.

Of course, there are many things that contribute to healthier sleep like making the bedroom more sleep-friendly. We still recommend removing all entertaining electronics and cooling down the room. When shopping we make quality, proper support, and being comfy a top priority why not consider more space for individual personal health and also for the health of relationships?

Now that you know all about how supersize and flareside mattresses work, please contact us with any questions.

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