Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Headboard Only

Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Headboard Only

May 31, 2011
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1. Can make a small room look bigger

Tiny bedrooms can often look smaller and one of the best designer’s tips to making a room look larger is not using a footboard. Headboards that are thinner, less bulky, or even have a style that lets the wall behind show through are all affective ways to give a room a more spacious feel.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Head board Only Top Ten Reasons To Buy A Headboard Only


2. Lots of styles

Headboards only offer an infinite range of styles and colors to match any décor or mood you are trying to design and Colors are endless. Materials can be simply metal, brass, or iron or come in common woods like pine or oak or exotic like teak, or bamboo.


3. Fit a wide range of budget’s

Which ever style you choose set a budget before you start. Know that simple metal, or fast growing woods, or painted headboards are often the cheapest. Bed styles that are made from more unusual or hard to find materials or have complicated manufacturing processes can cost more. In addition slow growth woods can also increase head  board cost.


4. Easier to make up

No one wants to do it and some of us don’t… that’s right making the bed. If you have a bed with  both a head and foot end you can save yourself some aggravation, annoyance, and perhaps even save some busted knuckles and a couple of fingernails. Tucking bedding is hard and not having a footboard frees up the space needed to easily and “joyfully” make your bed in the morning.


5. Great for people who are taller

Beds that use a head board only are a better choice for taller people. While not adding the foot piece doesn’t solve every problem that comes along with being tall, it will keep you out of the tangle of a footboard so the taller person won’t be kicking it at 3:00 in the morning. It’s a great way to add sleeping space and add comfort for no extra cost.


6. Frees up additional space for a bedroom

While not having a footboard leaves space for your feet in bed just keep in mind it will leave space for your feet when their out of the bed too. Walking around can be a dream especially in a smaller room. While it does make the room look bigger an even better benefit is that you won’t have anything to run into or stub your toes on in dark of the night or when you least expect it in even in the day. Hips, toes, thighs, and shins will thank you.


7. Easier to assemble

While headboards can be attached in a variety of ways, most either bolt up or hook in, the steel bed frame does everything else. Not adding foot board not only saves money and space but also saves time with less assembly required.


8. Sitting on the end of the bed

It is not recommended that you use your mattress as a chair,  yet we realize that people  sit on the sides and end of their bed when getting dressed and putting on their shoes. Having a headboard only frees up the end of the bed and over time can reduce side wear of your mattress.


9. Bed Skirts and Dust Ruffles Fit Better

Not only is it easier to make a bed that only has a headboard, but finding the bedding to fit it can be less of a chore. Beds that have foot boards and side rails usually require bed skirts or dust ruffles that are specially designed for such an application. These are split on the corners in order to hang freely.


10. Some people prefer a headboard only.

There are many reasons why people may not want a foot board and want just a head board only. Personal preference may be the biggest reason of them all.