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The thought that two people who love each other might want to sleep on the same mattress is not a revolutionary idea. In fact, sharing a bed with each other is the preferred way to sleep by nearly all adult couples. Long gone are the days of Hollywood’s most famous couple Ricky and Lucy, who slept separately. Separate sleep, individual free-standing beds, was thought to be the only way to get a good night of quality sleep. Split tom mattresses change that.

Modern-day bed builders are breaking down the barriers of two individual beds so couples can both be independent together. This groundbreaking thought gives each sleeper the individual freedom to relax, achieve comfort and support along with the peace of mind in knowing that their loved one is within close proximity. 

What Is The Difference Between A Split Head Mattress And A Split Top King Mattress?

There Is No Difference

If you heard the old sayings potato or potahto and tomato or tamahto, split head and split top king mattresses are essentially the same.

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Split Top King Mattress Explained

The mattress is separated at the 1/3 to top half of the bed while the foot portion of the mattress is joined so couples share one common sleeping surface. In other words, the bottom half of the mattress has no seam in between. 

Often people think split top mattresses only are available in king size but in fact, are offered in various sizes.

Split Head Beds, Individual Comfort For Couples Who Want To Sleep Together

Size Matters: Split head bed bases and split head mattresses come in the following 3 sizes.

  1. Split Top King Mattress 76 x 80.
  2. Split Top California King Mattress 72 x 84.
  3. Split Top Queen Mattress 60 x 80.

Why Buy A Split Head Mattress?

Contouring Base Support Not Just A Contouring Mattress

The core of any sleep system is the core or base support and for decades that support came from the use of a flexible box spring. Not anymore, adjustable bed bases are a type of smart bed base that can do so much more than traditional flat box springs or foundations. Additionally, there is no need for makeshift fixes. These improvised solutions often cause more problems than they solve. Insert the “multiple pillow prop to support your head fix”. The typical end result is discomfort and an unhealthy crimp in the neck.

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Free Movement Without Sacrificing Sleep Space:

Space is part of comfort and split-top mattresses in any size provide sleepers with the maximum amount of space to move freely with less confinement or the sacrifice of your personal sleep space. This restriction of movement is even more noticeable when compared with beds that have a seam running the full length down the middle like an ordinary split queen, king, and California King size mattresses.

No Split Seam From Head To Foot Of Mattress:

Seams, labels, uncomfortable folds, and bumps in your socks or shirts can all be a nightmare, now imagine a seam between your side-by-side mattresses. On the sleeping surface of side-by-side mattresses, there is a split down the middle of the bed running head-to-toe (bed length). Falling between the cracks is a common result of this type of sleep system. Think of a split head king as being virtually seamless and is only split at the top portion of the bed for more comfort and space. People love that they don’t get the sensation of feeling like you’re falling into the gap.

Multiple Sizes To Choose From:

Your favorite sizes can be obtained, including King, California King, and Queen Mattresses and each one of these is available with the head end of the mattress is separated.

Couples Can Still Cuddle And Spoon:

Spooning is more than a way to feel close to your partner.  It releases what some call the love hormone, oxytocin. While we are still learning the full benefits of our body’s natural chemical releases, we do know this naturally encourages bonding that is also connected with several other health benefits, that include pain and stress relief. Dopamine and serotonin are also released and can affect our mood, appetite, and even our night of sleep.

One Person Likes To Sleep Elevated The Other Does Not:

Couples do not always like the same things. Room temperature, food, and TV shows. Imagine such a problem with your mattress. We are all not built the same. We are not the same size and often have different physical needs. Our sleeping styles can vary. Some of us prefer our stomachs while others like curling up on their sides or sprawling out flat on our backs. What if your sleeping schedules don’t align or worse your mattress preferences are dissimilar? Split head adjustable mattresses offer solutions that are not found in ordinary flatbeds.

Ordinary Split King Beds Create An Uncomfortable Boundary:

These two side-by-side edges run the length of the mattress. The split head version of all 3 mentioned above sizes has a common split we call the inseam. It is not unlike the inseam of our pants. The side by side cut on a split top King mattress is typically 32-34 inches long and, in some versions, may run half the bed’s length. The length of the split can be an important part of your new bed decision.

Hold Still Will Ya?

While we all move and reposition throughout the night, most people will move their head and upper body more than their feet. This motion is often transferred to their partner. Motion disturbance from your sleeping partner is a key problem that split top king mattresses help to deal with. Flexible head beds alleviate those irritating disruptions and help to promote a more relaxed night of slumber without disturbance from… “HIM” 😉

Users Love The Advantages And Benefits Of Dual Adjustability:

The big drawback with couples that sleep together is that they want the intimacy of one common sleeping surface rather than two sleeping surfaces.

Getting Couples Back Together:

It is unfortunate that couples sleeping has been so undervalued. We have learned that there are many unintended and underestimated consequences. Those are the quality of the relationship, quality of sleep, and physical and psychological health which have been found to be more improved with couples that sleep next to one another.

Who Sells Flexible Head Type Of Beds?

  • Blissful Nights
  • Posh and Lavish
  • Dynasty Mattress
  • Person Comfort
  • Rest Right Mattress
  • iSleep
  • Reverie
  • Select A Bed
  • Saatva
  • Sleep Number
  • INNOMAX Upperflex

Sometimes though when we solve one problem we create another.  Smart people call these unintended consequences.

Adjustable Bed Features That Have You Covered

A power-adjustable bed is a unique and complex piece of equipment designed for health, comfort, and lifestyle. Just like cars each is unique and can do a wide variety of things for a wide variety of people with very different wants and needs. Just like a car, power beds have moving parts, electronics, and a motor. Here are a few of the highlights that can be found on split-top adjustable beds. With all these features you are sure to reap some real benefits. Here are the most common available features.

  • Wired and wireless remote controls
  • Full Range Positions: Foot up and down. Head Up and down.
  • Position memory. Some have multiple memory postions.
  • Programmable Memory Positions
  • Zero Gravity
  • Anti-Snore
  • Flat with one touch
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Stand-By Mode
  • Quiet operation
  • Strong Angle Iron and Steel Tubular Frame Construction
  • Safety
  • Emergency battery power Back Up
  • Power Protection
  • Pinch Free
  • Platform design
  • Deck on Deck Design
  • Recessed Steel Legs
  • USB Ports
  • Under-bed Lighting
  • Bluetooth: Through an app on your phone control features like position, massage, Stereo Speakers,
  • Acid reflux feature
  • Variable height legs
  • Mattress retention bar
  • Long warranty
  • Headboard brackets
  • Varriable massage technology

Once they were simply called hospital beds, and over the last decade these lifestyle beds have become the new choice for every bedroom, and the new split head size is overwhelmingly preferred by adult couples and has become the new standard for luxury sleep.

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