The Poor Man’s Memory Foam Mattress

Buy A Memory Foam Mattress For Less

April 11, 2011
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Memory foam mattresses can be expensive and if you buy the best brand name on the market Tempur Pedic you’re going to get what you pay for quality, support, and comfort, but they can cost over $7000.00 yikes. So what is a person to do if they don’t have a lot of money but want to experience this kind of comfort and luxury each and every night? Consider building and buying what we like to call The Poor Man’s Memory Foam Mattress. You can find it in almost any store but don’t ask for it by name because it doesn’t exist. You will have to construct your own.

How to build your own memory Foam Mattress Cheap

  1. It starts with purchasing the best mattress and box spring that your personal budget will allow. Mattresses are available in both one-sided and two sided varieties that can be flipped over. It is our suggestion to get the double-sided mattress if you can find one and your budget affords it.
  2. Firm models usually resist body imprints better and last slightly longer. This is because the foam and filler materials that make up the mattress are pre-compressed and sometimes even have higher densities that hold up better.
  3. Select the best memory foam mattress topper you can afford. These are available in department stores and mattress stores like STL Beds. The idea is to make the bed feel as much like a visco memory bed as you can. One-inch thick toppers just don’t get the job done and they shift and buckle. Models that are two inches or thicker are best. Foam density, ILD’s or firmness vary and should be researched.
  4. Consider foam toppers that offer sleep-cool advantages and eco-friendly methods of construction like plant-based oil substitutes, bamboo covers, and less off-gassing.

Be sure you understand the Problems with Memory Foam Toppers and The Benefits of Memory foam Toppers before buying one.

Why Not Buy A Cheap Memory Foam Bed Knock Off Instead Of A Brand Name?

Many so-called knockoffs don’t contain the best quality memory foam available and don’t include it in order to cut costs and save you money. The same can be said for the base foam which is often constructed with high-density polyurethane foam and is usually very low grade, again to do the same. The combination results in low cost and an inferior product to brands like the Tempur Pedics Visco Memory Foam Bed. Our sales with customers in recent years have shown that The Poor Man’s Memory Foam Mattress with its better construction and the comparable cost is a better alternative for far less money.

Benefits Of Purchasing A Poor Man’s Memory Visco Foam Mattress

  • The Topper can be replaced if needed
  • Less wear and tear on the mattress
  • Memory foam toppers relieve pressure points
  • Comfortable
  • Last for years
  • Cost less than buying a memory foam mattress
  • Great idea for overweight people and those worried about body impressions
  • Many are Hypoallergenic

We hope that we showed you that there are ways to buy a memory foam mattress for less money than you think. Contact us with any questions.

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