The Poor Man’s Memory Foam Mattress

A Poor Man’s Latex Bed

March 29, 2011
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Is there an alternative to expensive latex mattresses?

Latex mattresses are the best of the best when it comes to beds and if you thought you couldn’t afford to purchase one think again. Yes these mattresses are considered to be elite in the bedding industry and most retailers believe they are at the top of the heap when it comes to durability and comfort that there is nothing better. However if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on an Organic, All Natural, Latex, or Synthetic Latex mattress and the economy has taken control of  your wallet there is a way you can experience similar latex comfort and durability without buying the entire bed.

As mentioned in our “You Sure That Is An All Natural Latex Mattress You’re Buying” blog there are mattress manufacturers that claim to be selling latex beds but when you take a closer look at the inside construction we find that they don’t compare, feel, or last as long as the real McCoys and contain a very small amount of the long-lasting material. The truth is these are considered latex mattresses in name only. So how can a person with very little money cash in on the benefits of latex rubber? Purchase a Mattress Topper.

Latex Toppers are the affordable Alternative

Mattress toppers are like pillow tops that can be added to an existing bed. Pillow tops and plush tops have a reputation for breaking down quickly leaving permanent body impressions that cannot be fixed where the sleeper rests. Consumers have seeked out durable alternatives. One of those is a latex mattress which is made of rubber. While out of budget for some mattress buyers, savvy consumers have  chosen mattress toppers made of latex rubber as a fantastic alternative. They vary in thickness but most are from 1-4 inches. The norm seems to be 2-3 inches in thickness.

What is a poor mans latex bed?

It is the purchase of a one sided firm mattress or preferably a two sided mattress and boxspring. The idea being is that these beds are often not as thick and use less padding layers in the bed surface. In addition the surface foam and materials are not loose and fluffy like on plush or pillow top beds. The quilting is precompressed which minimizes settling and compressing. Then add  a mattress topper made of latex rubber. What kind of latex doesn’t matter as much as what feels best. This will be the cushioning layer of the bed and what determines the comfort. Topper thickness and firmness is a matter of personal preference. Thicker toppers offer better deeper support that minimize wear on the mattress. If used in combination with a 2 sided mattress you now have a long lasting mattress solution that is cheap.

What are the Benefits of buying a poor mans latex bed

  1. Costs less
  2. Rubber is long lasting and resists body impression better
  3. (Replaceable) Rubber toppers last but if need be can be replaced for less than the cost of replacing the entire bed.
  4. Sleeps Cooler
  5. Mold and mildew resistance
  6. Earth Friendly, Sustainable, green
  7. Dust mite resistant
  8. Can be used with one or two sided mattress

Can I put a Latex Mattress Topper on my existing mattress?

All though this sounds like a great idea putting a topper on an old mattress may be nothing more than a quick fix at best especially if the mattress is worn out and sagging instead consider the poor mans latex mattress.

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