Getting Out Of The Rut Of Bedroom Furniture Shopping

Getting Out Of The Rut Of Bedroom Furniture Shopping

July 10, 2014
In the Bedroom

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Today we are going to discuss getting out of the rut of bedroom furniture shopping. Contact STL Beds today if you have any questions.

To Match Or Not To Match?

We have all experienced large furniture showrooms in which bedroom suites have been carefully staged, each piece perfectly matched in color and style from the same manufacturer. We have been taught and told that bedroom furniture must be bought as a package so that everything matches. Of course, we have always had the option of providing individual “splash” with bedspreads and drapes, and perhaps a unique lamp or two, but, in general, the bedroom has traditionally been more boring than, say, a living room, where a variety of styles can be incorporated in stunning ways.

Why Not Do The Same Thing For Your Bedroom?

You may absolutely love a specific bed, but find that the other pieces in the set are not as appealing. Fortunately, if you can get “outside of the box,” you can allow your imagination to have its way and become creative. If your own imagination is not so forthcoming, visit retailers, talk with in-house decorators, or peruse magazines that specialize in unusual furniture arrangements.

One method that can be used is to find a single piece that you really love and then build the rest of your bedroom from that starting point. People do this consistently in living rooms, and the bedroom should be no different! Consider this: You find a perfect bed with cherry posts and a great wrought iron design. Now, you can buy the cherry dresser, chest, and nightstand that have wrought iron-looking hardware, or you can be more adventurous. Suppose you love wicker. Why not look for wicker with a stain similar to cherry and tie in the wrought iron with wall decor? A mirror encased in wrought iron would be perfect!

What’s The Secret?

Designers know that the secret is combining and contrasting textures, colors, and woods because it can be quite dramatic and really make your new look something special. I once saw a romantic four-poster bed (a rather traditional “look”) with dramatic, contemporary furniture that had matching wood on the tops but high gloss finishes in bold colors on the drawers. That color was repeated in the spread and window shutters, and it was striking! Traditional and contemporary had been melded into a room that became a showpiece.

Large bedroom suites offer even more opportunities for contrasting furniture options. A sitting area can be furnished in a wholly separate style from the sleeping area, promoting the idea of functionally separate spaces within a large room.

For those who do not wish to be as bold, there are still many options to have “matching” bedroom furniture, simply by using the same woods throughout. But this does not mean that you have to accept a dresser and chest combination that you really do not like. Furniture showrooms will have many different pieces in a wood upon which you have decided, and you can mix and match pieces. The wood will pull them all together. The important thing is that you have what you like – not what a manufacturer thinks you should like.

Your Bedroom Is The Most Personal Space in Your Dwelling

“Outsiders” will see your living space, dining areas, kitchen, and bathrooms. But the bedroom should be the space in which your most intimate self can be reflected. Mix, match, play with color, and be bold!

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