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Wood Replacement Bed Side Rails

April 9, 2012
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If you have a wood bed king or queen size with a headboard and foot board chances are you have wood side rails that match the bed, but what is a person to do  if  they have wood sides that have cracked or split? Perhaps they have become warped, damaged, or even lost or misplaced during a move.  Is it possible to buy new ones and where can I get them?

Help I need replacement bed side rails!

Good news they make after markets side rails for queen and king size beds, however they are a little different. Due to the number of different colors and wood styles it is not likely you’re going to find the exact wood rails that match. What bed frame builders have developed is a stronger heavier duty steel replacement system that is designed to take some of the weight of f  the connecting hook ins that causes wood side frames to crack in the first place.

What can I do if I want wood side rails and not metal?

There are a few things a person can do if they prefer wood to metal side pieces.Wood Replacement Bed Side Rails

  • Contact the original manufacturer of the bed. They are the most likely to have exactly what your are looking for. You will need the manufacturer’s name, model of the bed and any other information that helps specifically identify the bed. The original receipt is one place you may find it another is that it may be placed on the bed itself somewhere.
  • There are retailers that sell replacements on line however color is often limited to a few and a nice match is near impossible. While the finish may be oak the various shades of oak will can often look as though the rails were not meant for that bed. Custom color matching is really the best choice.
  • Contact the retailer where it was purchased. They may still carry the product or have your receipt on file.
  • Locate a store that possibly has extras lying around in their warehouse due to a damaged or broken bed.

Why did my wood side rails break?

Most wooden side rails break because of improper support under the boxspring. It is very important  to get the bulk of the body weight and bed weight down to the floor and off of the corners where wooden side rails hook in. A preventative solution to the problem  is steel center supports with feet. Another is a replacement steel frame like Glideaway’s 62 CS and K 80

Wood Replacement Bed Side Rails

Why am I having problems finding Wood Replacement Bed Side Rails?

  • Most manufacturers develop their own furniture colors and stains. There is no standardization in the industry for color,  so one stores cherry finish may be much darker or even light than another etc.
  • Wood beds with headboards and footboards are nearly always sold as complete beds.
  • Many beds today are being imported from over seas and are purchased complete and in bulk.

What do we recommend? Replacing the broken wood sided rails of your queen size bed with 62CS  and your king size bed with Glideaway’s K80