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Bedroom Colors for Better Sleep

May 19, 2011
Healthy Sleep

By Jennifer Adams of The Jennifer Adams Design Group

Video Transcript of Bedroom Colors for Better Sleep

When it comes to your bedroom there’s no right or wrong color pallet. What you really need to determine first is the look and the style that works for you. I tend to find that the most commonly asked for look is more tranquil because it helps you to sleep and it’s more conducive to relaxing. That’s my personal preference. So I recently redid my bedroom so I’m bringing you in so you can see the tranquil color pallet that I chose.

From a design standpoint there are so many different colors you can use to achieve a tranquil look it’s not all about ivory. Here are some colors that I thing can work very well. You can do a soft butter cream you can even do a white. White is just very classic and very calming. There are some nice soft sages, a sky blue, even a mountain blue, or a dark chocolate brown, it just depends on how you use it so you want to combine it well with the wall tone. If you’re going to do the butter cream it’s nice to do another butter cream color on the wall, and then maybe contrast with some pops of white. Look how sweet that is.

With the sages you could bring in a light sage or a darker green wall and then pop again with white or even this ivory like the ivory tones I have in my room. You can then also then take some of these sky blues the powder blues and periwinkles and bring those with a white and that’s just absolutely beautiful and I think that’s tranquil. Another color that’s very current right now are the lavenders you can that with white or with the ivories or even with a soft beige wall that work really well. Something that I really like to do is bring in a really dark chocolate wall and combine that with a white it makes the white pop you can really even get some really pretty white draperies and make that work.

There are some big no no’s when it comes to tranquility in your bedroom. It doesn’t mean you can’t have these colors it’s just colors that aren’t very restful. I don’t often recommend black it just doesn’t feel restful to me. Bright yellows that’s to loud and to jarring. Reds are another one it’s just not as calming. I’m not even a big fan of navy blue if you want a calming look. So just stick with more of the softer tones.

My personal favorite color tones for a tranquil bedroom are more the ivory and beiges. You’ll notice I have it all over my bedroom to include the walls, even the bench at the foot of the bed, my duvet cover, the blanket, the sheets and the fabric on the headboard. The way I make it work I change the textures up. So the bench it velvet my duvet is just a sheet fabric same with the blanket its similar fabric but has a different texture then the sheets and then a velvet again up at the headboard. The way that I make it work and really pop is I just add a little bit of color and a little bit of texture with grounded chocolate brown and it makes the ivory really stand out and sparkle a little bit more. Further to add a little more contrast I have a darker wood tone because that is a nice contrast between the light fabric and the dark wood and the lighter walls. Then to wrap that wood tone around the room I have it in the nightstand and I also brought that same tone up into the lamp and then again into the armoire where I have the TV because. It’s really important if you really want a tranquil feel to not have a TV just right out there in the middle of the bedroom. You want to disguise it.

A few other things to consider when you are putting together a tranquil master bedroom is get rid of all of the kid paraphernalia. Remember this is a place for you to rest and not have anything to think about. Also get rid of the exercise equipment and a desk is an absolute no in your master bedroom.
I don’t feel pressure to fill up every space like you’ll notice a lot of my walls are blank because you don’t need to have a lot when you’re trying to get a tranquil environment just a couple throws and some candles just don’t over design keep it simple.