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Draining a Waterbed With An Electric Pump

October 19, 2009
How To

If you have a waterbed you know that draining it can be a pain. However the most painless way to drain a waterbed is by using an electric pump click here.

  • It’s cheap when you consider the alternative (Damaging your mattress)
  • It’s easy very little to do.
  • It’s fast (takes less than an hour depending on the size of your waterbed)
  • This is the same pump our Installers and Movers use

Where to get a Waterbed Pump?

  • STL Beds sells them here.
  • STL Beds rents them 1360 Jeffco Blvd. Arnold, MO
  • Moving rental companies and industrial tool rental companies
  • Home improvement companies sell them.

Approximate Draining Times

If you have a waterbed mattress with baffles or layers of fiber layers which are normally free floating you need to drain your mattress correctly and the very best draining option is to get an electric pump.

Approximate Draining Time for Hard side Waterbeds:

  1. California King 50 Minutes
  2. California Queen 40 Minutes
  3. Super Single 30 Minutes

Approximate Draining Time Soft Side Waterbeds:

  1. Eastern King 30 Minutes
  2. Queen 20 Minutes
  3. Full 15 Minutes
  4. Twin 10 Minutes

What you will need to drain a waterbed

How to use an Electric Pump

First you will need to unplug you heater.
Then burp or bleed all air from the mattress. Running the pump for more than 60 seconds dry (air running through the head of the pump) will burn up the rubber impeller or worse burn up the pump. Do not run the electric pump dry!

Attach the female end of the garden hose to the out port of pump. (This will be marked and is where the water will drain.)
Then place the other end of the garden hose: outside, basement floor drain, toilet, tub, and utility sink. Wherever you place it be sure that the place can handle the water that will be pumped out without overflowing, pudding up, or flooding around building foundations.

Attach the short utility drain hose to the other male in port of the electric pump.
The other end of the short utility hose will attach and thread to the valve of the mattress using the plastic mattress adaptor from your drain and fill kit.

You will need to stay with the pump until it is completely drained and immediately replace the plug and cap to vacuum seal.

Moving the mattress should only be done when the waterbed mattress is completely vacuum packed this will keep your internal wave control system in place so it won’t shift, bunch, or wad up. Only when the mattress is completely flat and vacuum-sealed should you attempt to move it.