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Does Wal-Mart Sell Water Bed Mattresses

June 25, 2009
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Can You Buy Water Bed Parts At Wal-Mart?

At STLBeds we get asked the following questions probably more than any others so we decided to seek out the answer.

Does Walmart sell waterbed mattresses?
Does Walmart sell waterbed conditioner?
Does Walmart sell drain and fill kits for waterbeds?
Does Warmart sell waterbed heaters?

I can only speak about the WalMarts in the St. Louis Missouri market, the answer is no. At the time of publishing I have not seen Blue Magic Waterbed Products on their shelves. As a matter of fact, I personally have not seen them on the shelves for a few years now.

Good News:
There are still a good number of online retailers and brick and mortar stores here in the Saint Louis Mo area that are selling Blue Magic Water Bed products including:

The Bedroom Store
STLBeds (Our Favorite of course!)
Waterbed Doctor
ABC Waterbeds
Mattress Outlet

Along with many many more simply Google Blue Magic and Waterbed or Water Bed

As much as I hate to admit it, Wal-Mart dominates or should I say dominated the replacement waterbed parts and accessories business. They did this by selling the highly popular line of Blue Magic Waterbed Products. Blue Magic for years was and is quite frankly still a favorite of water bed shoppers simply because so many people recognize the name of this one time giant of the waterbed industry. Blue Magic is still a giant, just a giant of a much smaller waterbed industry.

I have spent some time looking on line, but have found very little information concerning Blue Magic. If you visit their old URL or website address (what used to be the Blue Magic website) it apparently no longer exists or has not been indexed by the search engines for some reason. Perhaps someone could fill in the blanks, and tell us what has happened to the old website.

Maybe we’ll never know the answers, but nonetheless Denny Boyd owner of several wholesale and retail companies involving bedroom furniture and specialty sleep products bought the rights to the company’s’ name and their patents after Blue Magic filed for bankruptcy several years back. Why this happened is anyone’s guess, my guess is that they weren’t making any money, duh.

So I am going to throw a couple questions to our readers and e-mailers.

What do you think is the reason many of us cannot find Blue Magic Products at Wal Mart?

Our readers and STLBeds would love to here from you if your Walmart is currently selling waterbed parts and accessories.