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The Benefits Of Satin Sheets

April 17, 2017
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When it’s time to buy new sheets for your bedroom, don’t be fooled into buying a set based on price alone. Bed sheets come in a variety of materials and thread-count, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for; and when it comes to a good night’s sleep, a little extra green can equal a lot more comfort.

Common Types Of Sheets

Bedroom sheet sets come in a variety of materials and blends from the inexpensive to the luxurious. Below is a breakdown of the most common materials used to make sheet sets.


This fiber is inexpensive, but is typically stiff and scratchy, possibly because polyester is made from the same polymer used in producing plastic drinking bottles. It is hardly ever used on its own, but blended with cotton or other inexpensive materials.


This durable and affordable fabric is the most common choice for bedding, because it is not only easy to wash, but also soft and breathable.  Cotton comes in a number of varieties, including:

  • Egyptian Cotton: The most expensive type of cotton is grown and harvested in North Africa. It has extra-long fibers and produces incredibly soft and smooth fabric.
  • Pima Cotton: Grown in the southwest United States, Pima cotton has fibers that vary in length from medium to extra long, making it an ideal choice for bedding.
  • Upland Cotton: Unless otherwise specified, most cotton products are made from Upland cotton, which is produced in the Americas. It is not as soft as the other varieties, and therefore often used in cheaper or bargain sheet sets.


Often used to make warm, plaid shirts, flannel is a cotton that has been combed so that the fibers fluff up. This soft fabric traps in body heat and is a great choice for colder weather.


Sheets labeled as “bamboo” are really rayon. Bedding made from actual bamboo are stiff and rough. The silky, durable sheets that are sold as “bamboo” are produced by processing bamboo pulp with harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment


A brand of fabric which uses eucalyptus tree pulp and is all that bamboo sheets claim to be. Tencel is environmentally-friendly, naturally-antimicrobial, easy to care for, and incredibly soft. It requires less water, energy, and chemicals than cotton does.


A luxurious fabric that is soft, silky, and sexy. Made from silkworms, it is naturally hypoallergenic. However, a single thread of silk requires thousands of silkworms to produce, making this fabric highly expensive. It is also a delicate choice that is difficult to wash and keep.


While soft and smooth like silk, satin is not a natural fabric like it. Satin is a weave that is traditionally made to be glossy on one side and dull on the other. It can be made out of silk or a combination of other fabrics, including nylon, rayon, and polyester. Charmeuse, for instance, is a satin that is made using finely-woven polyester. Overall, there are many benefits to choosing satin sheets.

Satin Pillowcases For Perfect Hair

There are many reasons for choosing satin sheets, but individuals who are concerned about the look and health of their hair tend to select satin pillowcases. Charmeuse satin is durable and drapes well, but those with beautiful locks find that this material maintains their hair’s natural oils. It also causes less friction during a night of sleep, even when tossing and turning, so hair is less frizzy upon waking than it would be with other fabrics or materials.

The Many Benefits Of Satin Sheets

Satin bed sheets provide a lavish look and feel. The glossy shimmer creates an elegance appearance, and the opaque side prevents the slipping and shifting that is found in pure silk. A bedroom can be transformed simply with a set of new satin sheets.

Whereas flannel is a winter staple, satin is a must-have for spring and summer months. It is cool and refreshing against the skin, adding just enough warmth without overheating the body.

Supplementing one’s decor with satin bedding not only adds to the style of the room, it increases the comfort level. Satin is soft and smooth, creating a peaceful sleeping area. It is gentle against the skin and an economical choice with a luxurious outcome.

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