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Ten Tough Questions About Waterbed Sheets

  1. Why can’t I keep my waterbed sheets on my bed?
    One of the biggest contributing factors to waterbed sheets coming off all the time is an over filled waterbed. Unfortunately what people think is the correct fill level and what the proper fill level really is are two different things. Customers frequently complain of not getting enough support from their water mattress if they don’t put in the additional water. This unmistakably demonstrates to me that they did not purchase the correct waterbed mattress. The problem with over filling a waterbed mattress is that it will create more problems than it will solve, and quite frankly your sheets coming off of an overfilled waterbed will be the least of your problems if the waterbed is overfilled, so check for correct fill level.
  2. Is there an advantage to buying cheap waterbed sheets?
    Good quality waterbed sheets for a good price are one thing, cheap sheets for a cheap price is another. Do not confuse those 2 things.
  3. What things should I look for in a good waterbed sheet set?
    Good waterbed sheets are made from quality raw materials such as cotton, or silk and can last for many years. Look for percale with a thread count above 180 and have good weight to them. Unfold the sheet and feel for thickness and durability. Give them the wrinkle test; scrunch an area of the sheet in your hand to see how it will respond out of the washer & dryer cycle. Sheets come pressed no one will be doing this for you.
  4. Should waterbed sheets be attached or unattached at the foot end?
    This really is a matter of personal preference. Most of the world that uses sheets that are not joined at the foot end. Joined waterbed sheets gives a feeling that many people call the sleeping bag effect causing you to feel trapped. Often waterbed sheets that are sewn together at the foot end rip loose anyway, but if you like this design look for a high quality joining seam. Two other complaints are the fact there is now a 14-foot sheet to try to fold and that the 14-foot sheet gets wrapped around the washing machine agitators.
  5. What is the cost of a set of waterbed sheets?
    At the time of this article’s release we found that waterbed sheet prices ranged from 44.95 to over 100.00. Sheet quality, has a lot to do with the difference in pricing. Many included free shipping.
  6. Will regular sheets fit on a waterbed?
    Eastern sizes fit regular mattress and boxsprings and California sizes fit hardside waterbeds. See table for specific measurements for each and you will see one is not interchangeable with the other.
    · Eastern King is 76 x 80 –California King is 72 x 84 (NO)
    · Eastern Queen is 60 x 80 –California Queen is 60 x 84 (NO)
    · Twin is 38 x 75 and Full is 54 x 75 –Super Single is 48 x 84 (NO)
  7. Who manufactures the brand names in waterbed sheets?
    · Tri Sew and Service
    · Kimlor Mills, Inc (Kimlor Bedding)
    · Genie B’s Specialties, Inc
    · Dream World Recreation Specialties
    · Sheetsrus
  8. What is a good thread count for waterbed sheets?
    At least 180 stitches per square inch is the start for a quality waterbed sheet.
  9. Are silk waterbed sheets any good?
    Yes if you purchase good quality silk water bed sheets. People do complain about pillows sliding off the bed, sheets coming off and clammy feel. Others praise them for their “soft as silk feel”.
  10. What colors sheets are available for a waterbed?
    Navy Blue, Light Blue, White, Off White, Beige, Sage Green, Hunter Green, Red, Burgundy, Black, Lavender, Butter, Zebra, Print Leopard, Print Kenya. These are the most common waterbed colors but others are available.
    Does anyone make Flannel Waterbed sheets?

    Yes, Tri Sew and Service out of Conyers Georgia makes them.