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Luxury Rest: Flannel Sheets in the most popular Solid Colors

If your searching flannel sheets you either owned them and loved them or you’ve heard how great they are and want to give them a try. We suggest you do the same, many of our users rave about them in the winter, but also find them to be quite comfy in some of the cooler times of the like spring and fall especially if you keep your house cool or AC on. While most swap out their flannel sheets in the summer there is a loyal group who love them year round opting for a luxuriously warm and breathable warm sheet set.
Set Includes:
Top & Bottom Sheets & 2 Eastern and California King, Queen and California Queen and 1 Pillowcase with Super Single.

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Everyone sleeps different flannel benefits, we recommend purchasing a set for yourself and experience how different they really are. There are many benefits including:

  • Durability- They can last for years.
  • Many say they actually sleep better
  • Climb into instant warmth
  • When you to go to bed, our sheets don’t leave with that miserable cold, clammy, chilling experience
  • A quality flannel sheet set feels much like a flannel shirt. If you have ever worn a dress blouse or dress shirt you rarely feel that dry warm, inviting sensation.
  • We made it even more fun to look forward to getting into bed
  • A healthy alternative to indoor heating takes moisture out of the air leaving your throat and nasal passages dry and susceptible to sinus infections, colds and even the flu
  • Cut costs and save more energy by turning down your thermostat
  • Can offer relief to arthritic joints that flare up when it gets colder
  • Great gift for older folks how may get colder due to poor circulation
  • We recommend Luxury Support cotton flannel sheets if you often feel sweaty in bed thanks to their moisture-wicking material

Available Colors:

Available Cotton Flannel Sheet Sizes
Eastern King / California King
Eastern Queen
California King
Super Single

The Linen Resource™ By InnoMax® presents:

Convert-A-Fit Sheets™ fit all types of mattresses including RV’s, Sofa Beds, Pillowtops up to 12″ thick, softsided waterbeds, airbeds, space-age Memory-Cell® and even traditional king, queen & super single woodframe waterbeds! These sheets are attached at the center foot so you don’t have to struggle to make the bed, yet the simple stitching line allows for total sleeping comfort & full range of movement! Learn more about sheets and thread count with STL Beds.

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