HD Medicoil 9″ Foundation (King)



What else would you support “The Durable Mattress” with but the heaviest duty foundation in the mattress business but the Therapedic HD Medicoil 9″ Foundation. Therapedic knew that the typical boxspring or foundation was not sturdy enough to support the weight of extra large or overweight people, so they set out to build a supporting base that could get the job done and they succeeded. How tough is it? It is strong enough to hold a softside waterbed. The Queen size weighs 105 pounds, and the two twin extra longs used for a king size bed has a combined weight of 150 pounds. Therapedic uses more raw materials and the strongest wood for thi extended life foundation and they guarantee it for 20 years!

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HD Medicoil Heavy Duty 9″ Foundation King

Manufacturer Therapedic

Thank you for your interest in the HD 9″ foundation that can help you acheive a more normal overal bed height. The HD Medicoil Foundation could quite possibly be the best built standard height foundation on the market today and it is built to withstand double the weight of any other 9″ foundation available. I utilizes two 38″ x 80″ x 9″ tall ridig box foundations.  It is constructed by the local Amish community for the Rock Island manufacturing facility. This extended life foundation is assembled with over 3 x the amount of wood beams on the foundations’ top surface. Features include on a queen and king size over 20 wood beam slats for superior strength that runs side to side. While many of our competitors boxsprings only use one center beam running head to toe in a queen size, our Therapedic Foundation utilizes two. A second center rail called an I-Beam is added for additional reinforcement and strength. The I-beam uses the same principle for weight support as the I beam used in constructing a house. They simply do it on a smaller scale. For increased edge support 8 super strong wood edge supports are added to each side of the foundation. Our highest quality wood design surpasses any other conventional wood-build foundation. Superior stabilization and Extra durability.

Warranty Guaranteed for 20 years

Standard Foundation Height: 9”

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