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  • Comes in conventional mattress sizes
  • Versatile design
  • Light-weight for reduced drain time

Click on a soft side waterbed below for prices & details. Then select your mattress bladder for just the right amount of support and firmness. The beds are as easy to get in and out of as a conventional mattress and are available in conventional mattress sizes allowing the use of existing bedding making it unnecessary to purchase something for a special fit. Soft sides need a heavy duty frame that will attach to existing or newly purchased bedroom furniture making it as versatile as any other mattress. Light weight, significantly reduced drain time and easy to move.

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Harmony Luxury Softside Waterbed

From: $1,252.00

fs_prod1 (1)

The Harmony Euro Top Softside Waterbed from Innomax Manufacturing is a sleepers dream not just because of how great it feels, but also because of its low low price. This pillow top bed includes a premium quality cover that can be completely removed for easy service and care. When zipped shut it comes standard with a free flowing mattress (the original waterbed feel). Do you prefer the bed to move less? You may want to consider adding more wave control with a baffled waveless mattress for just a little bit of added cost. This sleep system includes a temperature control system for healthier sleep and the ultimate in total and complete relaxation. This conventional looking bed adapts to nearly any bed or head board, headboard only and works with your existing sheets, comforter and mattress pad. Note: Your current bed frame may need to be upgraded for added strength if it was not built to hold a waterbed. Individual parts can be replaced or upgraded with Innomax’s Eco friendly mattress design prolonging overall waterbed life possible 2-3 times the length of other beds.

Here is how it works:

  • Determine if you need to purchase a foundation.
  • Transform mattress feel and overall body support. We offer 4 premium mattress bladders to select from as an option.

Customize your Harmony Softside Waterbed below by choosing the options that best fit your needs. Below you can learn more and read all about the detailed features and benefits of this bed.

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Medallion Luxury Softside Waterbed

From: $2,308.00

fs_prod1 (1)Dive into our very best mid fill softside flotation system. It includes 6 inches of fluid support that are topped off with a luxuriously deluxe, lush, six inches of heavenly comfort. The duo Memory cell Latex insert allows you to dial in your new bed with the perfect feel (just flip it over). It is available to order just the way you like by choosing only the features you want and need.  The Medallion Pillow Top waterbed is not the old time hippie bed of of the past. It’s easy to get into and out of. It’s even easier to care for. You can use your existing bedroom furniture and bedding by just upgrading your existing wood or steel supporting bed frame. You”ll want to add our supporting foundation to complete your new flotation system. Not the soft side waterbed you are looking for? More Softesided Waterbeds To Choose From Can Be Viewed By Clicking Here.


Mystique Luxury Softside Waterbed

From: $1,431.00

Rest night after night on the Mystique Softside Flotation Waterbed. Experience excellence in craftsmanship at the most competitive price.This flotation sleep system includes a free flowing water mattress fs_prod1 (1)for the most natural waterbed feel. Should you need more support and less wave movement, be sure to consider customizing your bed with one our many motion controlled mattresses for just a little bit of additional cost. The Mystique Euro Pillow Top bed is a temperature controlled sleep environment that can be used with or without a standard headboard found in most any store. In addition, no special sheets and bedding are needed. Use your current bedding and save money.  Note: Most existing beds and/or steel bed frames require upgrading or replacement to support the additional weight of a flotation bed. The new Eco friendly design allows parts to be upgraded or replaced over time helping you extend the bed life far beyond its years. Here is how it works:

  • Be sure to select a foundation that is designed to support a waterbed
  • Customize your personal support and the feel you are looking for by choosing from one of our 4 mattress bladders

Customize your new Mystique Pillow Top waterbed below by choosing your options.  Read more about the features and benefits of this soft sided sleep system.

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Perfection Luxury Softside Waterbed

From: $1,256.00

The Perfection Sponge Bed Waterbed from Innomax Manufacturing combines the convenience and style of a conventional mattress with the benefits of deep fill 9″ fluid support. This top of the line bed has an optional 12-layered water chamber available that offers total support and pressure relieving comfort to all areas of your body. ” Your Perfect Choice For that Sponge Bed Feel”

The temperature controlled fluid system evenly distributes your weight over the bed’s surface and leaves you feeling as though you are sleeping weightless and gravity free.

It is topped with a Cotton and Bamboo stretch cover that is hypoallergenic, super soft, eco-friendly, and compliments the pure flotation support and comfort provided by the mattress.

The King and Queen are standard sizes which allow for the use of a standard bed frame and linens, and the foundations in these sizes are split for extra strength and stability and are easier to manage when moving.