Pictured is our Hook In Bracket which can either be connected to the headboard end of the frame or at both ends connecting to both the headboard and footboard. The connection(s) have two hooks that slide down into and a vertical slot of a headboard or headboard and footboard. The 2 hooks of the hook in bracket at the end of the metal sides rails then securely anchor to the bed together by resting over 2 steel pins mounted in the leg of a wood headboard or wood headboard and footboard. Fits most hook in type beds. Check the fit for your bed by printing out this template.

Pictured is a close up example of our bolt-on frame bracket.

NOTE: No two bolt up brackets look alike however all bolt on rail brackets will have at least one oval shaped slot at the top and one at the bottom. The more slots or holes that are provided the more tolerance to fit a greater variety of headboards and headboards and footboards including wood, metal, iron, brass, etc.  Whichever headboard is used bolts of proper length insert through the legs of the bed and bolt up mounting bracket plate of the frame and can be securely fastened with nuts, bolts, and lock washers.


  1. Need a Queen Frame that it’s a full head board.please advise what model number I should order?

  2. Robin, There are a lot of details missing in your question. Give one of us a call and we can try to figure it out for you. Toll free number is at the top of this page. Doug

  3. Hi I am trying to adapt a hook for use on a bolt on headboard and foot board. These rails will be non weight bearing as they simply enclose an unattached adjustable bed. Any converters available? Thanks Dennis

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