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Why Everyone Should Buy An Organic Mattress

No matter what you believe or stand for politically we know liberals and conservatives will agree on at least this one environmental issue , that Earth friendly mattresses are important to us all. When I first mentioned it to friends and family that we were going offer our customers the choice of organic mattresses some laughed and scoffed accusing me of hopping on the green band wagon, while others said manufacturers didn’t go far enough. After listening to their opinions we decided to offer them what we thought was the best choice for our business, the planet, and our customers. Whether  you believe an organic mattress is a good or bad idea, with a little organic mattress education and an open mind all readers will soon learn all natural mattresses may be the smartest invention since the invention of the wheel upon this great planet we all share. Their no toxic chemicals, replenishable, and customizable durable design makes the most well rounded mattress built today.

If absorption or inhalation of chemicals while your sleeping for 7-9 hours concerns you, we know you will be impressed with the beds organically designed surface cover, which is built from the replenishable resource cotton. This cotton is grown on land that is certified as organic. Not only that but the organic cotton is certified organic and is documented as such through strict oversight. This is to see to it that dangerous pesticides or herbicides are not being used in curing the growth process. When you are shopping be sure to ask for copies of the organic cotton certification.

Today all beds must meet or exceed the mandatory mattress fire retardantlaw, known as 16 CFR Part 1633. It is a performance standard that restricts heat discharge in the case of a mattress fire. The majority of mattresses are using chemicals to comply with this law; some have not been tested while others are known to be dangerous. There are only two ways you can avoid such exposure to chemicals. One is with a prescription from your doctor or locate a mattress that passes the federal burn tests using natural components like certified organic wool, which is used in many of the best organic mattress brands sold today.

Organic Mattresses from manufacturers like Land and Sky offer their top mattress covers in two versions. Zippered and non zippered, which are sewn shut using a traditional tape edged method. Although the zipper may not be a favorite choice of strict environmentalist, these people should reconsider, zipper models allow for replacement of bad parts, customization, and exchange of layers for comfort or health reasons. Most importantly we can save a landfill from the disposal of an entire mattress set. Mattresses are one of landfills biggest problems due to poor decomposition and the fact that they can take up more space than a refrigerator.

Lastly we will talk about the core mattress component Dunlop All Natural Latex Rubber. The Dunlop Process of making rubber all be it a process, is one of the most environmentally smart mattress components built today. This is because of its no toxic chemicals composition, cleanliness, low odor, durability, and versatility. People always seem to question its durability and shouldn’t. It is all natural rubber not petrol based foam. Rubber and its flexibility and elasticity are used from everything from rubber balls to car tires making it perfect for the construct of mattresses. Petro based foams are known typically for breaking down quickly causing deep uncomfortable body impressions in regular coil spring mattresses.