The Side Sleepers Search For The Right Mattress

The Side Sleepers Search for the Right Mattress

December 16, 2013
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It’s the question more than half of Americans are asking today. What is the best mattress if you’re a side sleeper? With 63% of Americans sleeping on their sides, a large percentage of us are looking for mattresses with certain characteristics that will provide us with the best night’s sleep. If you’re a side sleeper, then you recognize that you need different things from a mattress than people who sleep on their stomachs or backs. Sleep posture has a tremendous impact on the quality of sleep you get and your overall health. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re a side sleeper in search of a new mattress.

Side SleepingThe good news for side sleepers is the health benefits associated with this sleeping position. It relieves back pressure, heartburn and acid reflex as well as snoring. Sleeping on your side is a neutral position that’s easier on your joints. And the bad news? There are potential problems side sleepers face. The biggest concern is support. This is a difficult balance. Find a mattress that’s too firm and a pillow that’s not thick enough and unnecessary pressure and tension is put on a side sleeper’s joints and bones, resulting in many uncomfortable nights of sleep. As far as pillows, a side sleeper’s pillow should be fairly thick in order to support your neck and maintain proper alignment throughout the night. STLBeds carries contoured pillows specifically made for side sleepers. Side sleepers also require more pillows than folks who prefer sleeping on their stomachs or backs. In order to maintain proper alignment of the spine, side sleepers often place a second pillow between their knees.

When it comes to the right mattress for side sleepers, look for those that are medium-firm at the very least. Your goal should be to ease pressure on the hips and shoulders while distributing the removed weight to the other areas of the body. Finally the addition of the above mentioned pillow which lifts the head leveling it out with the rest of the body and a thin pillow between the knees should help dramatically providing more adequate support. Be sure to consult your MD or chiropractor to discuss specific needs. Trying multiple mattresses until finding the one that fills this criteria can not only help improve your chances of quality sleep but is also a worthy investment in both time and money. Be sure to take proper care of your new mattress, flipping and turning quarterly and replacing the mattress when needed.

Many side sleepers are taking advantage of natural latex mattresses for the added support they provide aching bones and joints. One of the biggest benefits owners of natural latex mattresses enjoy is the fact that the material in the mattress doesn’t hold in the heat from the body. When you’re too hot at night you can’t sleep. This can lead to other sleep problems and impact your overall health. Latex mattresses have a long lifespan, are often available in changeable configurable designs and are some of the best mattresses for the money.

Side sleepers know that a great mattress improves their overall health and the quality sleep they’re getting. And it’s important to recognize that a mattress is only a part of the whole sleeping experience. Finding breathable comfy bedding and a supportive pillow is also essential. Bedding is to your mattress what cream is to your coffee. One final tip, if you sleep with improper support studies have shown you’re more likely to have the following sleeping problems neck pain, back problems and even snoring as a result of poor side support which can impact your overall health. Keeping these things in mind will help you to find the right mattress to meet your needs as a side sleeper.