Sleeping Tips For Plus Size Adults

Sleeping Tips for Plus-Size Adults

April 20, 2017
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Plus-size adults often have other medical issues that affect their amount of sleep or their quality of sleep and wake in the morning feeling very tired. You may find a much better night’s sleep by changing a few things in your routine. Let’s look at some sleeping tips for plus-size adults.


Many plus-size people have diabetes or may have the propensity to get type 2 diabetes due to their extra weight. Diabetes in turn increases the risks of other sleep-related disorders.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body’s glucose metabolism slows and you don’t sleep well which leads to more weight gain issues. Getting a good night’s sleep can speed up your metabolism in the daytime and help you to keep glucose levels in control. If you are at risk for diabetes or you are taking diabetic medications, make certain to control your condition with the help of your doctor for better sleep at night.

Sleep Apnea

When a plus-size person adds weight to the neck and torso area, they are at risk for sleep apnea. This is a condition where the person stops breathing many times throughout the night and they are extremely drowsy during the day.

If someone says that you snore at night you may want to be tested for sleep apnea. There are newer treatments that include a dental appliance that you wear at night to breathe properly and get more restful sleep.

Leg Movements

Plus-size adults often move their legs a lot at night in their sleep and don’t get quality sleep due to partially waking up repeatedly at night. This is associated with some other items that may complicate their plus-sizes such as diabetes, thyroid, and kidney issues. This could be restless leg syndrome or nerve pain.

Some plus-size people find total relief with an iron supplement or a neuropathy medication that also works on restless leg syndrome. Tobacco use can also trigger leg movements at night and interrupt your peaceful sleep. This may present itself as a good reason to quit smoking and sleep well at the same time.

Medications and Pain

Some medications that you make take can interrupt your sleep cycles or you may actually be having pain at night that makes sleep elusive. These are items to speak to your physician about to get relief.

Light Exercise and Sunlight

Plus-size people will always sleep much better at night if they get some exercise during the day. You can swim, walk, golf or cycle for about 30 minutes per day two to three times a week to kick start your sleep cycle. It has also been discovered through sleep studies that your body needs at least two hours of sunlight to have enough B12 to help you sleep. If you can’t get natural B12 from the sunlight, you can always take a simple B12 supplement.

The Right Bed

One of the most important items is to get a bed frame that has enough support in it. This alone may solve your sleeping problems all on its own without any other changes to your routine.

A steel bed frame gives your mattress of choice the support it needs to cradle a plus-size adult or couple in comfort. You can choose from several different types. Choose from either a stand-alone frame or one that attaches to a headboard or both a headboard and a footboard for a strong frame.

You can add a center support system, such as the heavy-duty center support bars in a queen or king size. These steel support rails fit inside your existing frame to offer maximum support for your mattress for extra comfort.

The Forever Foundation is the best choice on the market for a great night’s sleep for larger adults. It includes the best support possible for heavier luxury mattresses. This box spring is made so durable that it will last you a lifetime with a foundation height of 14 inches and support brackets at the foot of the bed for your mattress. It even includes a lot of storage space underneath it and a removable, washable fabric deck to allow the mattress to breathe while you clean the deck.

We hope that these sleeping tips for plus-size adults are able to help you have a better night of restful sleep.

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